Monday, February 8, 2016

Winter's Dreary Days ~ How do they effect our trees?

Winter Sun and Our Trees

Normally our trees have a very fun-loving relationship with the sun. They play a game of cat and mouse together. Trees trap sunlight much like a cat is relentless in its pursuit of a mouse! A tree will
attempt to fill any gaps in its canopy with branches and leaves as it grows. They are phototropic, which is just a fancy word for something that loves light and grows towards the light.

So, what happens in winter? 

Chicago winters are notorious for having dreary days. It seems that days pass with no sun. Spring is usually such a welcome season because the days are longer and the sun seems to come back. Although it's always here, it sure seems to be elusive in the winter. In winter there is less daylight and that significantly reduces de capacity of the plant to photosynthesize. So, just like humans adapt to the shorter days with little sun, the trees do too. 

Trees Hibernate

Trees though are more like a bear than a human. Deciduous trees 'hibernate' all winter long. This is called being dormant. The nutrients stored up in the sap or in other areas of the tree hold the tree over
the winter until the spring comes and they begin to flow again. During autumn the nutrients of the leaves are absorbed by the plant (hence the de-coloration of yellow, orange, red, etc.) including the water existing in the leaves and then is stored in other parts (roots, stem, etc.) for later use. It's a complex activity and when you stop to think about it, it really is amazing.

In fact, the dropping of leaves is a great example of adaptation to harsh conditions.

Trees also develop in balance with their surroundings and according to the space available to them as well as many other factors such as the typical weather conditions they are faced with, the type of soil they grow in and the amount of water available to them. Trees are complete creatures that are built to last.

Take care of your trees!

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Thursday, January 7, 2016

Does the Tree Need to Go?

Does the Tree Need To Go?

Probably Not. No, the tree probably doesn't need to go, but why is it that you may want it to?

Trees are so valuable. 

They can initially cost quite a bit to purchase. But on the flip side, trees add to your property value. It adds curb appeal. They can lower your heating and cooling costs as they provide windbreak and shade. They clean the air you breathe. As you look at that tree in question, think twice before cutting it down. The benefits of trees are innumerable.

Always consult with a professional tree service before you remove a tree. There are many reasons why a tree needs to go, but often times we see trees being removed that shouldn't be and for reasons that are completely unfounded. So many trees are removed unnecessarily that it has prompted us to write this post.

So let's be clear.

  • Trees that are removed without due cause often times have bad consequences on other parts of nature. 
  • Trees that can be saved should not be removed!
  • Trees that should not be removed are trees that you plain just don't like! You don't have to love every tree on your lot. However, you should realize that every tree provides us, the Earth, other animals and other plants exactly what it needs. The benefits trees provide are quite endless. Trees are the lungs of the earth and shouldn't be cut down carelessly. 
  • When there is evidence of a tree disease or infestation of pests, tree removal is sometimes not your only option. But you will never know if you don't consult with your local tree service or arborist. These tree diseases are often times treatable!
  • Not removing a larger, older tree is of even more concern. Did you know that large tree takes 4 to 5 decades or more to grow? These trees deserve to be salvaged if it all possible. It is just not worth it to cut it down. There will most definitely be a loss of privacy, and a loss of curb appeal and value to your home. I would also venture to say that the tree provided some energy saving costs as well. 

Overall, tree removal shouldn't be something that you just decide one day to do. It should be warranted and well thought out. It should be justified and approved by a local arborist or tree service.

Trees "R" Us, Inc. prides itself not only on being the best tree service in the suburbs of Chicago, but
also in educating its customers about trees, tree maintenance and tree care. As tree service providers to the North shore, north suburbs, and northwest suburbs of Chicago, we offer exceptional tree trimming, tree removals, stump grinding and plant health care. Contact Trees "R" Us, Inc. today for more information or an analysis of your trees and plants. Check us out on the web at or call us at 847-913-9069.

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