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Tree clearing is not what you think

What is Tree Clearing?

With winter on its way, you want to ensure your trees, especially young ones, will stay strong during the cold months and have a great growing season in the spring.

Tree clearing tips for young trees 

We've offered other tree care tips like this, but this blog post will focus on young trees. It is really important that young trees get off to the right start to ensure a healthy start to a long life. To find out more about young tree care, check out out other posts found herehere and here and here!
Although the tree care tips we post are for anyone to follow, we encourage you to call upon your local
Tree Care by Trees R Us
Tree Care by Trees "R" Us, Inc.
tree service for guidance with your overall or general tree care. Many tree services are best left to professionals. While it is great to try these tree care tips yourself, use your common sense and best judgement! Don't climb that tree without the proper safety gear! The last thing you want is to jeopardize your health and safety, the health of your tree or waste the dollars already invested in the tree by making rookie mistakes!

Tree clearing in the fall and winter

When we speak of clearing many of us will think of removing numerous trees from a specific area. While that is one definition of tree clearing, that is not they type of clearing we are going to focus on in this post. Clearing, when it comes to the tree care of young trees, is simply being mindful to pull up any grass and weeds for a radius of at least 2 feet around the tree - or clear the area so that the tree and roots can get the sunlight, water and nutrients they need. 

Tree tools

If you are going to try this yourself, you'll need a spade shovel to cut straight down into the grass. And if you have a flat shovel handy, that will be good for cutting under the roots of the grass to keep the sod in big pieces. I'll caution you to take extra care to avoid damage to the tree’s roots. Major tree roots often grow within a few inches of the soil surface. Some species, such as maples, grow roots particularly close to the surface. 

Mulch is important

You'll also want to have mulch on hand. You should mulch the area under the tree with compost and/or wood chips. These materials are porous enough to allow sufficient oxygen supply to the soil
organic solutions mulch
Our mulch is provided by Organic Solutions, Inc.
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and may actually encourage fine root growth. Acting as an insulator, the mulch will minimize frost-heaving and erosion.

Why mulch

Mulch is such an integral part of keeping trees healthy and it is so often overlooked. Mulch will keep weeds away and by default eliminate competition for water. In addition, much water that otherwise would be evaporated by the sun can soak down through a 2" layer of mulch to the soil around tree roots. Mulching trees also helps keep their roots cooler in hot weather and warmer in cold weather. It will act as a blanket for those roots.

If you have questions about your tree's care, contact your local tree service. This is meant as a rough tutorial on how to do some basic tree clearing. A professional tree service will service your trees in a much more in depth manner with professional grade tools and fertilizers if need be. We've been doing this type of tree work for more than 20 years. As a Chicago tree service, we are well versed in all areas of tree care and how important the seasons are to how we maintain our trees. Those of you that are local to the Chicago area, Trees "R" Us, Inc. will help you with the care of your trees. In addition, our plant health care division has several Chicago certified arborists that are highly trained in caring for plants and trees.
For more information on tree clearing and young tree care, click here

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