Friday, October 9, 2015

October Tree Care in Northern Illinois

Fall is underway, winter is on its way. This can only mean that pruning season is upon us. 

Tree Pruning is a Dangerous Job that Should
be Left to a Professional Tree Service
Whether its just a few trees that you have or a forest full of them, a little pruning will go a long way. By regular pruning of your trees, they will be healthier and look better for it.

Why prune?

If your trees don't appear to have a dominant, central leader, a main stem growing straight up to define the vertical structure, then it is definitely time to consult with a tree service. And on the flip
Tree Pruning by Trees "R" Us, Inc.
side, if you see that main stem, then it's time to keep the integrity of that by properly pruning. All this will result in a stronger tree. For shrubs it's a little different. You want to create a more pleasing shape and/or to spread the branches out to create a better air flow for the plant. Pruning is extremely important to the health of the tree.

When to prune?

For trees, winter and late fall are the best time to trim. The reason is that you don't want to prune when insects are active and you don't want to create wounds on the tree that will attract harmful bugs.

When you contact Trees "R" Us, Inc. for a pruning, we'll first make sure to cut away any dead or damaged branches. Then thin out congested areas. We will then look at branches that are competing with that central leader. For a shrub, we'll take out crossing branches and do some shaping for symmetry.

A little is more than enough 

While a shrub sends up shoots from the ground all the time, trees are more permanent. If you botch the job and make a bad cut at that central leader, the tree will look like … well, like you botched the job. We are very careful and have years of experience pruning. You can rest assured that you'll get a professional job when you hire Trees "R" Us, Inc. and it will show! We know where to cut, how to cut and when.

How often should you prune?

You should have your trees assessed every year by a professional tree service that has a Certified Arborist you can consult with. They will guide you on what the best plans for your trees are. Generally, trees need pruning every 1-3 years.  Young trees get a lighter trim, and no tree should have more than 20 percent of its live branches trimmed in a year. For shrubs, you can be more aggressive though.

Pruning know-how

This is where having a tree service do your pruning is extremely beneficial. Safety measures and proper sanitation principles (such as keeping the tools clean to prevent introducing disease or infection to the plants) are an essential part of tree pruning and this is the step that most novice homeowners miss when trying to do tree pruning themselves. We encourage you to leave tree pruning to a professional tree service. It can be a dangerous job and if not done correctly, you will do more harm than good to your trees. 

Out on a limb for you,

Jenni Willis
Trees "R" Us, Inc.
President and CEO

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