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Fall is a great time to plant! Find out why.

It's a great time for tree work! 

Tree trimming, tree removal, planting, and health care are in full swing this fall.

Fall Is A Great Time For Planting Trees & Shrubs

If you are an avid gardener, you may be sad thinking that fall is here and your work in nearly done in the garden. But really, there is no off season when it comes to gardening and the same holds true to tree care...maybe even mores for tree care!
Fall is a busy time of year for us at
Trees "R" Us. Inc. It's a great time for all types of tree work!
Fall is the perfect season for planting trees, shrubs and other various plants and for all types of tree care services. The key to perfectly timing your tree services is to do so when you'll be encouraging good root growth. A good tree service will know when to plan certain services and they choose to do these things when root growth will be optimum. Planting trees and shrubs in fall enables the root systems to grow before the hot summer returns.

Get a head start on growth

Planting in the fall means come winter your smaller plants will be given the chance to get established before the real rough weather sets in. It also means that come spring, you new fall plantings will have a nice head start over other plants that just got planted that spring. The general rule of thumb for trees and larger plants is one year per inch of trunk diameter. So, those trees and larger plants that you've planted in the fall will also get a head start on growth.

Tree planting, tree trimming and tree removals
are all very popular tree services in the fall. 
The ideal time to begin planting trees and shrubs is six weeks before the first sign of hard frost. September through November for us in Northern Illinois is the ideal time for tree planting because it allows the roots to become established before the ground freezes and winter sets in. Be careful thought with your timing. We caution you to no plant too late into the fall because this can have a negative effect on plant health.

With fall comes cooler, wetter weather which plants and trees love! It really is the perfect time for tree planting. There's generally an increase in rainfall and cooler temperatures in the fall. This means less watering is required. Trees are smart and grown with the seasons. So u fall, tree shoot growth halts and subsequently the trees require less water because the fall days are cooler and shorter and the rate of photosynthesis decreases.
The stable air temperatures also promote rapid root development. Soils stay warm well after the air temperature cools, also encouraging root growth. During shoot dormancy, trees grow to establish roots in new locations before warm weather stimulates top growth.

Benefits to planting in the fall

There are several benefits to fall planting. Generally, trees planted in the fall are better equipped to deal with heat and drought in the following season. Another great reason to plant your shrubs in the fall is because you can pick your trees and shrubs by the fall color they produce. Avoid planting broad leaved evergreens in the fall such as rhododendrons, azaleas, boxwoods and hollies. If planted, provide them with protection from winter winds and have them treated with an anti desiccant. Some tree species that are recommended for fall planting include the maple, buckeye, horse chestnut, alder, catalpa, hackberry, hawthorn, ash, honey locust, crabapple, amur corktree, spruce, pine, sycamore, linden and elm.

We fill up fast, so contact us today for your fall tree care.

It's a great time for tree work. Tree trimming, tree removal, planting, and health care are in full swing this fall. We fill up fast, so contact us today for your fall tree care.
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