Friday, September 25, 2015

Are Fall Fertilizations Good for Your Trees?

Fall fertilizations by Trees "R" Us, Inc. 

When to Fertilize Your Trees

With a hot summer and cold winter, trees are bound to lose vital nutrients in the soil. To help make sure your trees gain nutrients lost this summer and continue to feed over the winter, now it s great time to have us come out for fall fertilizations. Fertilizer will help replace nutrients and improve resistance to damage from disease, insects and stressful weather.

Fall Fertilization - Yay or Nay?

It was once thought that fall was NOT the right time for tree fertilizations. But what we now know is that trees, shrubs an plants use nutrients throughout the year in different ways. Now, well trained and schooled Arborists know that late fall, or about a month after the first killing frost, is the ideal time for applying fertilizers.

The reason some Arborists do not want to use fertilizers in the fall is that there is a chance that plants and trees might put on new growth if there are unseasonably warm temperatures. This is not something that is desired because since cold temperatures are certainly coming soon this could easily result in the tree being burned or damaged.

It's All in the Timing

It's actually all in the timing. You have to understand the difference between early fall and late fall fertilizations. If you fertilize in late summer or early fall, when temperatures are still warm and plants are still actively growing, it is likely new growth could occur and damage to tender new foliage could be the likely result.

You have to understand the rationale behind fall fertilizations and then it all makes sense. In late fall, deciduous trees and shrubs have lost their foliage for the year and active growth of plants and trees has slowed. Rather than put on new foliage growth, the roots of established trees or shrubs take the nutrients from the soil and apply them to important health-promoting functions, such as disease resistance and root development. The miracle in all this is that the excess nutrients are stored in the roots and become immediately available when needed for new growth in spring.

Are Your Trees Candidates for Fall Fertilization?

Let a Certified Arborist Help You Decide Whether or Not
Your Trees Need a Fall Fertilization. Not all Trees Will.
It is true though that not all established plants and trees are candidates for a regular fertilization program. That is something professionals should address. Trust your Arborist to know what can be fertilized and what should wait.

An Arborist will also know what amount of fertilizer to be given to your trees. A common mistake, and not just with trees and shrubs, is to assume fertilizer can and should always be added, and if a little is good, more is better. This is not true and can actually cause harm to the tree. Excess nutrients are wasted and can end up contaminating the soil, and the environment.

Nature has Made Trees and Plants to Withstand the Test of Time

Plants and trees are smart. They are wired that way. It is interesting to see how well trees adapt and to learn that that their internal structures are far more sophisticated than we give them credit. It's really as if deep within the tree is a built in clock, timer, calendar and monitoring systems that don’t require our meddling nearly as much as we think. They are like well running machines. They need support and maintenance, but not a major overhaul. 

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Jenni Willis
Trees "R" Us, Inc.
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Friday, September 18, 2015

Giving back to community we serve

We are Philanthropic

Giving back to the community is something we don't take lightly. We pride ourselves on being a 'green' company ~ recycling and up-cycling whenever possible. But, that is just one way in which we are a responsible, ethical, and caring business. Donating time, funds and resources to not-for-profits and giving back to the community round out some of our philanthropic efforts.

How We Give Back

Charitable efforts and giving back should be a part of every business' yearly plan. It is an important part of our mission at Trees "R" Us, Inc.

Whether it be being a part of Relay for Life and donating money to cancer research or finding time to talk with area seniors about tree care, philanthropy is an important part of our business.

Hawthorn Woods Senior Citizens and Trees "R" Us, Inc.

Recently, we carved out a bit of time to speak with some area senior citizens in Hawthorn Woods, Illinois.

We taught them the importance of tree care and how important trees are for our well being. Plant health care is a vital part to maintaining a tree's health, yet nearly any of them had ever heard of the term! We also showed them the steps of tree removal all the way to the milling process. We even brought in a milled furniture display. Our milled furniture is totally custom and really beautiful. They loved it and we loved sharing our knowledge and connecting with them.

We Care

It's these types of experiences that make our day! It's great to be in the field, connecting with customers and providing quality tree care, but it's even better knowing that we can connect with and help others in the community just because we care. There's no sales pitch involved. There are no quotes. Just fun times with our area seniors. Love it!
Trees "R" Us, Inc. Certified Arborist, Nick Willis, speaking with
Hawthorn Woods senior citizens about
plant health care, tree removal and custom millwork.
Out on a limb for you,

Jenni Willis 
Trees "R" Us, Inc.
President and CEO

Saturday, September 12, 2015

The best compliment a business could ask for

trees r us review testimonial
Testimonial letter to Trees "R" Us, Inc.
for a rush order of tree removals

The best compliment a business could ask for

Testimonials are the best compliment.

A heartfelt testimonial is one of the best compliments any business can get.

We'd like to take the time to thank Trish and Rod Shoemaker for their letter to us. We removed some trees for them on a tight timeline, a rush order in any other business. They were having some work done on their lawn and it was imperative that these trees not only be removed, but the yard also be cleaned up in time for their landscape service to come in and do their job.

We Cater to Helping Our Customers 

It was a tight timeframe, but with a little effort we were able to fit them in to our schedule, get the work done and cleaned up with time to spare.
We often have to work with the schedules of other contractors and we are happy to try to accommodate your requests.
Our main goal is to make you happy and do a quality job in the process. If we get a good review or a testimonial as a result, then that's even better! We never solicit reviews or testimonials, so you know when you see a review or testimonial for Trees "R" Us, Inc., it is genuine.
A big thank you to all our customers that have supported us through the years. Happy customers are like morning coffee. It's what keeps us going!

A testimonial in the mail is the best type of mail to get. Happy customers make our day and when great customer service meets quality tree removal you are guaranteed success! Have a good one peeps!
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Jenni Willis
Trees "R" Us, Inc.

Friday, September 4, 2015

Tree Structure is Everything

As the Seasons Change So Do Your Trees

Tree removal season is upon us.

There are many times that it is OK to remove trees, but autumn happens to be a really good time for tree removal. It is also a great time to check your trees for hazardous limbs. As leaves fall and the tree
tree removal by trees r us
We remove trees, large and small.  
structure can be seen more readily, it becomes easy to the trained eye to determine which branches need to go and which can stay.

A Tree's Structure Dictates What Has to Stay or Go

The end result of NOT having your trees properly maintained can be very undesirable. First hand we've seen trees that have not been maintained that have posed a serious threat to buildings, homes, cars, and worse yet, people! Trees that have a weak structure or weakened branches are prone to breakage and falls.
tree shearing by trees r us for glenview illinois
Trees "R" Us, Inc. performing

tree shearing for the

city of Glenview, Illinois 

When the Snow Flies

As weather worsens and snow and ice begin to fall your tree will suffer. It is very probable that when snow and/or accumulate on branches that the branches can fall and damage property or hurt people. Add wind to the mix and the entire tree could be uprooted. It is always best to err on the side of caution and have your trees assessed by a professional, certified Arborist at least once a year. If you have yet to do that this year, now is the time!

You Need a Certified Arborist

We have several certified Arborists on staff to help you with your tree care needs and answer your questions. Give us a call, fill out our online form or send us and email and we will have someone out to your home, municipality or business as soon as possible.

Fall is a great time for tree removal!

Fall is a great time for tree removal and to make sure your trees don't have any hazardous limbs. Unfortunately we know...
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