Friday, August 7, 2015

Tornado Damage is No Match for Trees "R" Us, Inc.

It's hard to believe that an actual tornado that touched down in Northern Illinois went under the radar, not being noticed until it was on the ground! 

It's true! Read the article here: Lake County Tornado Is Missed On Radar

Did you notice that Trees "R" Us, Inc. is featured in the article? 

They caught us on the scene in Grayslake. Make sure you scroll through the pictures of the storm damage to see us in action. This is our very own dedicated Marshall and his crew hard at work.

Apparently low lying clouds are to blame for the lack of notice. In fact, reports say that the tornado was on the ground ripping though neighborhoods before any tornado sirens were being heard. Not even doppler radar showed the twister. It was reports from 911 calls about an apparent tornado that alerted the National Weather Service that something was amiss. It's been a crazy few days here in Illinois with lots of strong storms. We hope you all are safe.

Our area in Northern Illinois has seen lots of tornado damage. 

One of the places we've been called to help clean up is the Heather Ridge Golf Course in Gurnee after a tornado swept through and caused trees and large limbs to fall.

Need Help with Storm Clean Up or Emergency Tree Removal. Give Trees "R" Us, Inc. a call for fast, reliable and honest service. Trees "R" Us, Inc. Tree Service for the Chicagoland Area.

It seems that Round Lake, Gurney and Grayslake were hit the hardest and we are were on the scene in all those communities picking up tree debris and fixing emergency situations.

Responding to emergency tree care calls in a timely manner is essential in our industry. 

We always respond immediately to emergency tree care calls especially after storms. Don't try this work on your own. It's dangerous and we have the right training, tools and equipment that makes the job safer and easier.

A thank you goes out to all those who used our tree services during this last round of bad weather. 

Your trust in us means the world to us. We take pride in building relationships with municipalities, residential homeowners and commercial building owners that are based on trust and honesty. A special thank you to Heather Ridge Golf Course in Gurnee for hiring us to take care of their storm clean up after Sunday's tornado and to the village of Grayslake for contracting with us for their storm clean up as well. 

When the next storm hits, whether it be with winds and rain, or snow and ice, remember you can trust your trees to Trees "R" Us, Inc. We work year round and round the clock if needed. Contact us at or by phone at 847-913-9069.

Hope you all have been safe out there. Lots of tornado damage in our area. We've been called to help clean up the...
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