Friday, July 31, 2015

We care about tree care and it shows

We are happy to serve you.

Owning a tree service and working in the field every day is a tough job. 

Not only is it a tough job, but it is also dangerous. In fact, tree trimming is one of the most dangerous occupations in America. But, dangerous or not, somebody's got to do it and we are happy to serve you.

We work hard and we love what we do. 

Our dedication to providing quality tree services shows in all that we do. Now, of course, coming from the owner, you'd expect to hear that. But, I am proud to say to our employees are also some of the hardest workers I have ever had the pleasure of working with.  Their training and experience shows in their workmanship and dedication to making the customer happy. Doing a good job is not enough for any of us. We want to leave a job site knowing we went above and beyond in the safest, cleanest and most efficient way possible.

Another Testimonial

We'd like to take a some time to thank our dedicated customers and especially those that take the time to write us thank you letters or online reviews. There is nothing more flattering than getting the mail to find a handwritten letter from a customer thanking us for a job well done. Or, logging into Facebook only to find a glowing new review on our page for the world to see. Those small gestures mean the world to us. So, thank you to our growing family of happy customers for the reviews, testimonials, repeat business and referrals.

Thank you to our most recent testimonial from Keith Z in Mundelein, Illinois.

YOU keep us motivated and determined to deliver the highest standard of quality tree care. Whether you need tree trimming, tree removal, pruning, cabling or bracing, plant health care such as tree sprays, or EAB or Dutch Elm Disease treatments, stump grinding or emergency tree care, you can rest assured that when you contract with Trees "R" Us, Inc., you'll receive honest, reliable advice and the utmost professional tree care.

We love what we do and it shows. Thank you.

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