Friday, July 24, 2015

Field and Brush Mowing At Your Service

It's not a glamorous job, but somebody's got to do it.

Storm clean up by Trees "R" Us after a tornado
swept thought the Chicago Suburbs

As a professional, licensed and bonded tree service, we do all the jobs one might think that go along with a tree service. 

Tree removals are a large portion of what we do. We have been socked with a lot Emergency tree care calls are always a priority to us. We take emergency tree care calls very seriously, especially after a storm. Unfortunately, the Chicago area has been hit with a lot of storms and damaging winds lately. We are always on the scene helping with emergency situations.

We treat all kinds of trees too. 

We treat them to help them grow big and strong and we treat them for worse things, like infections of Emerald Ash Borer. There's really no better thing than you can do to protect the investment that you made in your trees, by talking to a Certified Arborist and getting your trees some preventative maintenance each year. We have a Plant Health Care (PHC) Department that handles all those issues. Our PHC team is highly qualified and know trees like no other! You can trust your trees to our PHC department! Deciding to give your tree preventative maintenance is the best choice to protect the investment you made in planting your tree.

HUGE 65" stump removal by Trees "R" Us, Inc.

Our services also include tree trimming, pruning, stump grinding; all those jobs you would expect a tree service to offer. 

But we have a few surprises too. Did you know we offer organic mulch? Our subsidiary, Organic Solutions, Inc. offers high quality organic mulch and mulch delivery. It's our way of being environmentally responsible with all the trees, tree limbs and tree debris we are in contact with every day.

Field and brush mowing is another service we have started offering that has been very popular. 

No more overgrown weeds and grasses on the side of roads and parkways. It is really unsightly and makes the village or city look very unkempt. Take a look at our Facebook post below with a video of us mowing grasses and plants taller than we are! There's no job too tough for the Trees 'R' Us, Inc. Mowing Team!

Field and Brush Mowing
Field and Brush Mowing - We can tackle the toughest jobs!
Posted by Trees R Us, Inc on Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Are you surprised to also hear we do custom milling? 

Our custom millwork is amazing! We just started offering it and it has been received with lots of interest and excitement! We posted some of our custom mill jobs on our Facebook page, so check us out there to learn more.

Next time you are faced with a tree care situation that you just can't tackle yourself, 
you know who to call. 
Trees "R" Us, Inc. 

Going out on a limb for you,
Jenni Willis
Trees "R" Us, Inc.

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