Friday, January 23, 2015

Winter Tree Removal Hopes to Banish Emerald Ash Borer from this Chicago Suburb

Winter Tree Removal Banishes Emerald Ash Borer from Cary, Illinois

When it comes to winter, many of us don't think that this is the time for tree work, but in actuality, this is the perfect time for many types of tree care for many types of trees. 

In fact, winter tree care keeps us very busy!

The village of Cary knows that now is the time to schedule tree work. Cary chose Trees "R" Us, Inc.  to remove some 1,800 of the city's ash trees in their effort to combat infestations of Emerald Ash Borer. We'll be working on this tree removal project winter and spring. Why winter? Winter is the best time to trim and remove trees. While the trees are dormant, they are much less susceptible to stress from the new cuts on the tree. And, more importantly, trimming and removing trees in the winter prevents diseases like EAB from spreading to other trees during the process.
Watch us in action removing Cary's ash trees and read the front page story of the Northwest Herald here:
EAB is an invasive species that feeds upon ash trees and eventually kills them. EAB has been known to wipe out all the ash trees of a community within one growing season. If your community or residence suspects that EAB is present, is it extremely important that these trees get assessed and either treated or removed.
The tree care professionals at Trees "R" Us, Inc. are well qualified to assess your trees and provide you with an appropriate plan of action in order to save your community's trees at an affordable price. One of the reasons the village of Cary chose to contract Trees "R" Us, Inc. to complete the removal of their 1800 ash trees is because of our "favorable per unit price per tree".  Give us a call at 847-913-9069 or visit us at for a quote or for more information.
We'd also like to thank the village of Cary for their patronage and the Northwest Herald for the great front page story and video.  You can read the full story and watch the video here:

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Jenni Willis
Trees "R" Us, Inc. 

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