Sunday, January 4, 2015


Please don't cut down that tree! 

There are many reasons we're asking you to stop the saw. Many trees that we see untrained arborists cut down, don't need to be cut. This is such a waste of your investment and, not to mention, a poor environmental choice too.

So the first step in making the decision to cut down a tree is not what saw to use, but which tree
service to call to ensure the tree can't be salvaged and definitely needs to be removed.

One of the biggest reasons we see people unnecessarily cutting down trees is because they realize the tree has been infested by bugs or has a tree disease. Many think that these conditions are not treatable, or if they are, it is an expensive process. While it is true that sometimes the disease is too advanced or the pests have taken over to a point of no return, but you will never know for sure unless you talk to a certified arborist or professional tree service with experience in plant health care.

Many diseases and infestations are treatable at an affordable cost. Tree removal is not your only option!

Don't forget that removing the tree is also not an eco-friendly choice.

The tree cleans the air we breathe. It probably also lowers your energy bills, especially if it is close to the house. It will cool the house in the summer and provide windbreak in the winter.
In addition, trees increase your property value and add curb appeal to your home, as well as a privacy barrier between you and your neighbors.

Another reason we see homeowners cutting down trees is just because they plain don't like the tree. While you certainly don't have to like every tree on your lot, your certainly shouldn't remove it. A tree is more than just a plant. It provides us with many, many benefits and cutting a tree for the wrong purpose is plain foolish.

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