Friday, January 23, 2015

Winter Tree Removal Hopes to Banish Emerald Ash Borer from this Chicago Suburb

Winter Tree Removal Banishes Emerald Ash Borer from Cary, Illinois

When it comes to winter, many of us don't think that this is the time for tree work, but in actuality, this is the perfect time for many types of tree care for many types of trees. 

In fact, winter tree care keeps us very busy!

The village of Cary knows that now is the time to schedule tree work. Cary chose Trees "R" Us, Inc.  to remove some 1,800 of the city's ash trees in their effort to combat infestations of Emerald Ash Borer. We'll be working on this tree removal project winter and spring. Why winter? Winter is the best time to trim and remove trees. While the trees are dormant, they are much less susceptible to stress from the new cuts on the tree. And, more importantly, trimming and removing trees in the winter prevents diseases like EAB from spreading to other trees during the process.
Watch us in action removing Cary's ash trees and read the front page story of the Northwest Herald here:
EAB is an invasive species that feeds upon ash trees and eventually kills them. EAB has been known to wipe out all the ash trees of a community within one growing season. If your community or residence suspects that EAB is present, is it extremely important that these trees get assessed and either treated or removed.
The tree care professionals at Trees "R" Us, Inc. are well qualified to assess your trees and provide you with an appropriate plan of action in order to save your community's trees at an affordable price. One of the reasons the village of Cary chose to contract Trees "R" Us, Inc. to complete the removal of their 1800 ash trees is because of our "favorable per unit price per tree".  Give us a call at 847-913-9069 or visit us at for a quote or for more information.
We'd also like to thank the village of Cary for their patronage and the Northwest Herald for the great front page story and video.  You can read the full story and watch the video here:

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Sunday, January 18, 2015

Why Trees Love the Cold

Brrr.....who wants to be outside when it's freezing? 

We do! There's no better time to take care of your trees than now. Snow, cold, wind, they are all really hard on our trees. When snow falls, there are many more hazards than ice-covered streets and bad drivers. It's the hazards that we tend to neglect the most that pack the most punch. Have you looked at your trees lately? Did it snow recently and is there snow piled up high on branches? How about ice? Ice covered branches are some of the most vulnerable. There are many hazards associated with the weight of snow and ice covered branches can cause for trees, humans, animals and the property around the tree.
It is not uncommon for branches and even trees to break after a heavy snowfall. These branches can fall on homes, cars and even people.

What most people don't understand is that trees grows continually. 

So, like our hair and nails where it
is natural for us to have to cut the dead ends off our hair and trim our nails, it is also natural for parts to die and need to be trimmed. Just like we complain of breakage with our hair's dead ends, tree's limbs can also break much more easily when they are dead. Dead limbs are the parts or trees that are most likely to break and potentially cause injury. So, pruning your trees to remove the major deadwood before the snow hits is good for the tree and can prevent possible injury. However, if you didn't trim your trees before the snow, don't worry. Any time during the winter season is an ideal time to get rid of dead wood.

In fact, you should have the deadwood in your trees removed every 2-3 years or more often if you are trying to help a tree that is in decline. If your tree is healthy, I would still recommend a good hazard pruning or at least an assessment yearly.

This is not the type of work that is DIY. Please don't attempt tree climbing and trimming on your own, especially in winter. I highly recommend leaving tree work to the pros. There are just too many hazards for the untrained person. Trees "R" Us, Inc. is a professional tree service that has more than 10 years experience doing hazard pruning. We offer much more than just hazard tree pruning, but in these winter months, pruning is one of our most popular services. 

So why do trees love the cold? 

Because just the same way we feel a little pampered when we go get our hair cut, tree love to get rid of their dead weight! They love the extra TLC.

Trees "R" Us is located in Wauconda, but we service the North Shore, the Northwest suburbs, Lake county and McHenry county. We have a large crew that works year round and plenty of trucks to handle multiple jobs at once.

Check us out at or if you need assistance with pruning your trees this winter, email our Arborist directly at

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President and CEO, Trees "R" Us, Inc.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Consumers Beware. How does your Tree Service Rank on Safety? Could YOU be at Risk?

When it comes the employing a Tree Service, there's much more to take into consideration than price and how quickly they can get the job done. 

Winter is in full swing. Between the freezing temperatures, snow on the ground and on its way, and wind whipping around, who would want to be outside? Well, in short, we do! Winter is one of the best times to do tree work. It is the optimal time to do tree trimming for most species of trees. And, it is during this time of year that we get many calls to deal with hazardous trees.

Speaking of hazards, did you know that the work we do is one of the most dangerous professions in the country? 

That's right the tree care industry ranks a one of the most dangerous professions. Don't leave your tree care for amateurs or untrained personnel! Research actually proves that working in the  tree care industry is more dangerous than working for a police or fire department! 

There's a lesson to be learned here. 

As a consumer, you need to also protect yourself. Accidents happen. When they do, and you ate not at fault, you need to make sure you are not liable.  

Is your tree service fully insured? 

If not, YOU could be held accountable if there's an accident.

Unfortunately, homeowners have been held responsible for treeworkers injured on their property. 

In such cases the company may have appeared professional but did not have adequate, or in some cases, any insurance. It's hard to believe that in this industry there are companies out there that don't carry proper insurance and licensure. How irresponsible! So choose your tree service wisely. Make sure they are properly insured and licensed.

Speaking of safety, you should never attempt tree work on your own. 

Every year homeowners are injured or killed trying to do their own tree work. You, as a homeowner, should not do your own tree work involving climbing of any kind, which includes climbing a ladder to prune a tree, or attempting to cut down (fell) trees. 

Leave it to Trees "R" Us! 

Most homeowners have no idea how easily horrific accidents can happen while working with trees, especially when working near electrical wires. This is the most dangerous part of tree work and homeowners should NEVER do this kind of work. You need to leave this kind of work to the pros and Trees "R" Us, Inc. has the right experience for this kind of tree work. Trees "R" Us, Inc. not has the proper insurance, but also uses only the best safety equipment and highly trained tree workers. 

Safety on all levels is our #1 concern.

 Sounds like Trees "R" Us, Inc. is the right choice on many levels! Check us out at or give is a call at 847-913-9069

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Sunday, January 4, 2015


Please don't cut down that tree! 

There are many reasons we're asking you to stop the saw. Many trees that we see untrained arborists cut down, don't need to be cut. This is such a waste of your investment and, not to mention, a poor environmental choice too.

So the first step in making the decision to cut down a tree is not what saw to use, but which tree
service to call to ensure the tree can't be salvaged and definitely needs to be removed.

One of the biggest reasons we see people unnecessarily cutting down trees is because they realize the tree has been infested by bugs or has a tree disease. Many think that these conditions are not treatable, or if they are, it is an expensive process. While it is true that sometimes the disease is too advanced or the pests have taken over to a point of no return, but you will never know for sure unless you talk to a certified arborist or professional tree service with experience in plant health care.

Many diseases and infestations are treatable at an affordable cost. Tree removal is not your only option!

Don't forget that removing the tree is also not an eco-friendly choice.

The tree cleans the air we breathe. It probably also lowers your energy bills, especially if it is close to the house. It will cool the house in the summer and provide windbreak in the winter.
In addition, trees increase your property value and add curb appeal to your home, as well as a privacy barrier between you and your neighbors.

Another reason we see homeowners cutting down trees is just because they plain don't like the tree. While you certainly don't have to like every tree on your lot, your certainly shouldn't remove it. A tree is more than just a plant. It provides us with many, many benefits and cutting a tree for the wrong purpose is plain foolish.

Trees "R" Us, Inc. prides itself not only on being the best tree service in the suburbs of Chicago, but
also in educating its customers about trees, tree maintenance and tree care. As tree service providers to the North Shore, north suburbs, and northwest suburbs of Chicago, we offer exceptional tree trimming, tree removal, stump grinding and plant health care. Contact Trees "R" Us, Inc. today for more information or an analysis of your trees and plants. Check us out on the web at or call us at 847-913-9069.

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