Thursday, December 18, 2014

Will Firewood Help Save Me Money?

Will firewood help save me money? 

We get that question a lot. The short answer, yes.  However there are some caveats. 

First, be sure to only buy hardwoods like oak and hickory. These woods burn much longer and some research says they create less creosote. Creosote is the icky black gunk that builds up in the chimney stack of your fireplace. This is not only icky, but also dangerous! It can cause chimney fires and my guess is that you don't want to be breathing that stuff in either.

Another must with firewood is that you should only buy seasoned firewood. Seasoned firewood really is just dry firewood. The longer the wood sits around in the right place under the right conditions, the drier it gets. 
Once you've got these two bases covered, it's time to start burning. I think you'll find that the cost of the firewood compared to the cost savings in your heating bill will be just that...a savings!

Also keep in mind the other benefits to burning wood over using your furnace, like being eco-friendly and green! Burning firewood creates a radiant heat which heats a room much more evenly than convective heat. Convective heat is essentially forced air heat, which is what most of us are accustomed to. 

So if you're thinking that it seems like a good idea to fire up the fireplace or wood burning stove, you're right!

Just remember, firewood is a good thing to SUPPLEMENT the heating of your home, probably not replace your heating source, unless you live in a warmer climate where not much heat is needed during the winter months. 

Think of it this way, a fireplace is very useful in a room such as a family room where the family can hang out at night and keep warm, while keeping the rest of the house a little cooler (which is better for sleeping).  However, a wood burning stove, if vented properly, can send heat throughout the house. Adding fans to circulate the air also helps get the heat to far away rooms. 

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Winter and the holiday season is here. Be prepared for the snow, cold weather and all that Mother Nature has in store!

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