Sunday, December 28, 2014

Winter Tree Care Tips - Don't Get Scammed!

Your Trees "R" Us. Inc. family hopes that all our customers, readers and followers had a wonderful, safe and healthy holiday. New Years is fast approaching and we wish you much happiness for 2015.
As the winter season is flying by us, we've been lucky thus far to not have any terribly damaging storms. Albeit cold, snow and ice storms have been few and far between. But, as all Chicagoans know, we are destined to have repeated snow and ice, or at least the high chance of repeated snow and ice for at least a few more months. What you need to know regarding your trees is, can they withstand another year of the elements?

How to you prepare your trees and landscaping for snow and ice storms?

It's really rather simple, but you must have a good working knowledge of tree care. This is where contracting your local tree service to come take a good look at your trees is a smart investment. A tree assessment, reapplication of mulch, and tree pruning are some essential winter tree care steps to take to keep those trees healthy for spring. In some cases preemptive tree removal is also recommended. Acting now, will help you preserve ~ preserve both large and small trees, preserve your investment, and preserve the lovely landscaping of your property.

What should you expect from your tree service when you call them for a winter tree assessment? A professional tree service should provide you with one of their Certified Arborists. I would not recommend any tree service that does not have at least one Certified Arborist on staff. At any time we have anywhere from 2-4 Certified Arborists that we use for these assessments. The arborist will assess your trees truthfully and based on industry-standard recommendations. The condition of the tree will be thoroughly inspected without regard to preconceived notions that might cause inappropriate tree care. Beware of arborists who are not certified. Some unqualified arborists will use scare tactics to promote unnecessary tree services including unnecessary tree removal. It is also a good idea to make sure the arborist that comes to your home is the arborist from the company you hired. We have heard of many situations where that wasn't the case. For example, if you hire Trees "R"Us, Inc. to send out an Arborist, make sure the Arborist that shows up uses all Trees "R" Us, Inc.
branded items (marked car, quote sheet, business card, etc.) If not, you're being scammed and call the company immediately!

A professional tree service will also assess trees using only the most standard and universal methodology. At Trees "R" Us, Inc., our approach allows us to asses trees in a manner consistent with the best practices used by tree care professionals around the world. Our arborists are all certified and understand how trees grow, live and die, and most importantly how the care of trees changes with the seasons and as the tree ages. They also are well versed on tree diseases and bug. They know what to look for and how to treat them. We have a Plant Health Care Division that is devoted to only focusing on this type of tree care.

In addition, a professional tree service will be very busy during this time of year. If you feel pressure from hard sales tactics or scare tactics, RUN! Run the other way and contact a different service. There is never any reason for this type of behavior, especially during this time of year!

Follow these tips and you can rest assured that you'll be getting an honest and accurate tree assessment, a fair price, and the best quality care for your trees.

Trees "R" Us, Inc. prides itself not only on being the best tree service in the suburbs of Chicago, but also in educating its customers about trees, tree maintenance and tree care. As tree service providers to the North shore, north suburbs, and northwest suburbs of Chicago Lake and Cook County), we offer exceptional tree trimming, tree removals, stump grinding and plant health care. Contact Trees "R" Us, Inc. today for more information or an analysis of your trees and plants. Check us out on the web at or call us at 847-913-9069.

President and CEO, Trees "R" Us, Inc.

Monday, December 22, 2014

Can I still get my trees trimmed in the winter?

Can I trim my trees in the winter?

Our phone seems to ring with the same question over and over in these winter months. "Can I still get my trees trimmed even though it's winter?" Well, yes! And in fact, this is our busy season.

Trees "R" Us, Inc. can trim your trees all winter long. Winter actually is a great time for tree work, especially tree trimming and pruning of other shrubs. There is a common misconception that winter is not the right time to trim trees, however this is not true. There's no better time to trim many trees than the winter. If your trees are deciduous, then now is the time! So, give a call or send us an email and we'll get you on our schedule. 

What you don't want to do is trim the evergreens right now without the help of a tree service. Some evergreens are OK to trim in the winter while others are not. It is important to know what kind of evergreens you have in your yard and if they are OK to trim. 

Whether your property needs tree maintenance that includes deadwood pruning or house clearance, tree limb removal or removing an entire tree, Trees "R" Us, Inc. has properly trained staff and industry standard equipment to get the job done right.

Chicago-area residents suffered through a another summer of excessive heat, rain, and wind. We had a few storms that packed a punch and were especially windy. The high winds caused extensive tree damage throughout Chicago and the suburbs. If you have a tree or multiple trees that suffered storm damage that has not been fixed yet, Trees "R" Us, Inc. can give you a fast and professional quote on tree pruning or tree removal.

There is still time for you to get that tree fixed, trimmed, staked or cabled, and there's no better time than the present!

Trees "R" Us, Inc. is dedicated to providing you with exceptional service. Our highly trained and
certified team will provide you the information you need to make an educated and informed decision.

Trees "R" Us, Inc. is a professional tree service in the Chicagoland area. We service the north shore, north suburbs and northwest suburbs of Chicago. Trees "R" Us, Inc. has 4 certified arborists on staff ready to assess your plants and tree care needs in a timely manner. Our services include tree trimming, pruning, stump grinding, emergency tree services, tree removal, cabling and bracing, fertilization and plant health care.

Thanks for reading,
President and CEO, Trees "R" Us, Inc

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Will Firewood Help Save Me Money?

Will firewood help save me money? 

We get that question a lot. The short answer, yes.  However there are some caveats. 

First, be sure to only buy hardwoods like oak and hickory. These woods burn much longer and some research says they create less creosote. Creosote is the icky black gunk that builds up in the chimney stack of your fireplace. This is not only icky, but also dangerous! It can cause chimney fires and my guess is that you don't want to be breathing that stuff in either.

Another must with firewood is that you should only buy seasoned firewood. Seasoned firewood really is just dry firewood. The longer the wood sits around in the right place under the right conditions, the drier it gets. 
Once you've got these two bases covered, it's time to start burning. I think you'll find that the cost of the firewood compared to the cost savings in your heating bill will be just that...a savings!

Also keep in mind the other benefits to burning wood over using your furnace, like being eco-friendly and green! Burning firewood creates a radiant heat which heats a room much more evenly than convective heat. Convective heat is essentially forced air heat, which is what most of us are accustomed to. 

So if you're thinking that it seems like a good idea to fire up the fireplace or wood burning stove, you're right!

Just remember, firewood is a good thing to SUPPLEMENT the heating of your home, probably not replace your heating source, unless you live in a warmer climate where not much heat is needed during the winter months. 

Think of it this way, a fireplace is very useful in a room such as a family room where the family can hang out at night and keep warm, while keeping the rest of the house a little cooler (which is better for sleeping).  However, a wood burning stove, if vented properly, can send heat throughout the house. Adding fans to circulate the air also helps get the heat to far away rooms. 

Those of you in the Chicagoland area that are looking for a reputable source for firewood can contact Trees "R" Us, Inc. at 847-913-9069. In addition to providing seasoned firewood, Trees "R" Us, Inc. offers excellent tree services.

And we know our firewood just like we know our trees. Don’t stress the bodily wear and tear of having to cut your own firewood, when you can purchase a face cord, 1 cord, 1/2 cord, or 1/4 cord from the professionals at Trees "R" Us, Inc.

Winter and the holiday season is here. Be prepared for the snow, cold weather and all that Mother Nature has in store!

Contact Trees "R" Us, Inc. today for a free estimate of any tree services needed at 847-913-9069, or

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President and CEO, Trees "R" Us, Inc.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Ring in the New Year by disposing of your Christmas Tree the right way

The holidays will be here and over before you know it. After all the Christmas hustle and bustle, there's one last thing on your list to do. Get rid of that Christmas tree before your home is filled with needles and that tree becomes even more of a fire hazard. 

There are a few ways to recycle your tree when the holidays are over. 

1. You can chop it into smaller pieces. You can then put it directly into your compost pile or the chipper and have mulch ready for your tree, plants and garden. 

2. You can throw it away. Well, rather you can recycle it. Check with your town for a Christmas tree recycling event. Most towns do this now as it is the most environmentally friendly way to dispose of your tree. Most towns will schedule set days for tree pickup. They'll come around with a chipper to turn the trees into landscaping materials or haul them off to a landfill. However, beware: Most towns won't take trees that are wrapped in any unorganic material, like the plastic disposal bags. So if you want to be neat about disposal, wrap the tree in craft paper before hauling it out to the curb.

You'll want to double check that your tree is free of nails, wire and all decorations to ensure safety of the city's staff that will be handling the trees. Remember, only Christmas trees are accepted - no garlands, wreaths, or yard waste - and no business or commercial use.

Get ready to ring in the New Year. Woah. 2015 is already here. 

Thanks for reading,
President and CEO, Trees "R" Us, Inc.