Sunday, November 23, 2014

The DOs and DON'Ts of Firewood

It's firewood season. Who doesn't love a nice campfire, a roaring fire in the fireplace or simply the warmth of the woodburner heating your home? While have a fire to enjoy is a nice amenity, there are some hazards that you should know about before you start your season of cozy fires. 
Here's what is ok in the wondrous world of firewood.
The DOs. 
You need to keep insects and rodents from making their homes in your wood pile. You should stack your firewood on supports that are at least 4 inches off the ground. 
You also need to protect you stash of wood from the elements and decay. Cover your wood pile with a tarp to protect it from getting soaked with rain and snow. You should also stack the wood with the bark side up. This will also help prevent decay.

The DON'Ts
Do not allow the wood to lean against an exterior wall of your home. There are many reasons for this. But let me paint one picture for you. The wood catches fire and it spread quickly, right into your home!
Do not use flammable liquids in your fireplace in hopes of getting a fire going easily.
Do not  treat firewood with pesticides. This will release toxic fumes when burned. Not-to-mention that this process is ineffective.
Do not burn plastic or paper with color printing. Sunday comics, magazine pages, cereal boxes are all off limits. 
Do not burn logs laden with poison ivy, even if the poison ivy is dead. If you have any respiratory issues, this will only aggravate them. 
And finally, do not put the ash in your composting bins or garden. Ash belongs in an aluminum garbage can with a tight fitting lid. 
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