Sunday, October 26, 2014

8 Tips to Get Your Trees Through the Upcoming Winter

Do you want your trees to be to come out of winter healthier than they started? 

To keep your trees happy and healthy all winter you need to give them some extra TLC this fall. Good fall tree care is essential to give your trees the best start to the growing season in the spring. 

Fall is actually a good time to plant new trees and shrubs too. 

These guys especially need to be well taken care of in the fall so that they survive the winter and start the spring energized and ready to grown strong. 

So what so you need to do?

Here's our fall tree care checklist to help you get started on protecting your trees from the upcoming cold, wind, snow and freezing temperatures. 

Fall Tree Care Tips

  1. Mulch. Use mulch to protect your trees and their roots from extreme temperature changes. The mulch will insulate the soil helping keep roots from damage and giving the tree less stress.
  2. Take a close look at your trees and have any deadwood removed. Prune any other unsafe branches. Wind and snow can easily make branches snap and where they fall inevitably is in a most undesirable on your car or on your roof!
  3.  If you have any hazardous trees, have them taken of by a professional tree service or certified arborist. If you don't know if you have a hazardous tree, we have lots of posts on this topic.
  4. Do a fall fertilization. This should be part of  your annual regimen for your trees. Your local tree service can do this one for you too. 
  5. Plant any new trees and shrubs and protect them with a good layer of mulch.
  6.  Rake away any fallen leaves from garden beds, landscaping beds and turf. Leaves decompose really well, so start a compost pile for your leaves. 
  7.  Do one last seasonal inspection of your trees leaves (if any are left) and bark for bugs, insects or infestations of any kind. You'll want to treat the tree if you find any critters feasting on it. A tree service with a plant health care division specializes in these type of treatments, so a call to them is a good idea. 
  8.  Invest in cabling and/or bracing small or weak trees. Mother Nature is harsh. Sometimes your
    trees need a  little extra protection from what She throws at them. Protect the investment you've already made by cabling or bracing your weaker trees. 

Go outside!

The best part of this checklist, is that to complete it, you've got to go outside! What a great time of year to go out and enjoy the brisk fall air and the gorgeous fall colors.  Go for a walk through the yard and through your neighborhood with the family and take in it all in before it is covered with a blanket of white.

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