Friday, August 1, 2014

Tips for keeping your trees healthy

Many customers ask me how to check the health of their trees. An arborist or tree service is your best bet in determining tree health.

What is a healthy tree?

A healthy tree begins with correct planting procedures. If you don't know what you are doing, then leave it to the pros! To avoid poor growth or death of a young tree, it is wise to invest some time to learn the right way to plant a tree. A well-planted tree will grow and prosper more rapidly. Newly planted trees are more likely to survive and prosper if mulched. Landscape trees which are planted in or near lawns require special treatment. Seek the advice of a professional tree service for proper tree care.

Mature Trees

For mature trees, proper trimming is key to good tree health. Landscape trees that are carefully selected and properly planted, trained and maintained should require little pruning after they reach maturity. Such trees require only the removal of poorly positioned or strongly competing limbs, weak branch attachments, or branches that are damaged or dead. Mature trees should be inspected annually to assess overall structure and to determine if any limbs should be removed. Trees with dense foliage may benefit from some crown thinning to improve light penetration and air movement. Improper pruning can lead to various future problems, increased cost and hazards. As well-pruned tree, best done by a certified arborist/professional tree service, should look as if it has not been pruned!


Take a good look at the leaves. Make a note of any discoloration of leaves over the last three years or a in any three year period - a yellowing of leaves could mean problems. Yellowing leaves is a good reason to contact your local tree service or arborist.

Small leaves and abnormally shaped leaves are a problem and are also reason to contact a professional.

In addition, insect activity and spotted, deformed, discolored or dead leaves or twigs, should be noted and watched closely. A pesticide treatment or other insecticide may be needed to save the tree.

Contact Professionals

Get recommendations from professionals on appropriate treatment when a problem is developing, or leave it in the hands of the professionals. If you are ever uncertain as to what should be done, it is best for the tree that you clarify the proper treatment before you implement your plan. For additional information, you can report your findings to your local ISA Certified Arborist, professional tree service or State Service forester for advice on possible treatment.

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