Sunday, June 1, 2014

18 Tree Care Tips for June

June is finally here and we don't dare complain about the heat after the winter we've had! I've compiled some great tree care tips which also include some general tips for the garden and lawn. If you've got something to add, just do so in the comments. We'd love to know what you all do with your trees and shrubs come June.

1. PINCH OFF terminal growth buds on rhododendrons to increase next year's buds.
2. PRUNE all spring-flowering shrubs immediately after they flower.

3. EVERGREENS, such as boxwood or yew, can be lightly pruned after the new growth fills in to maintain a formal shape.

4. PRUNE out all ground-level sucker growth from crabapple, apple, plum, peach or apricot trees by cutting out growth below soil level.

5. PRUNE weak, green but very fast-growing water sprouts that grow vertically from branches of fruit trees, redbuds, or other ornamental flowering trees.
6. PRUNE -  If necessary, boxwood and yews can be lightly pruned to maintain geometric form. 

7. AVOID overpruning, especially in very sunny, hot weather.

8. MULCH. Apply 1 to 2 inches of leaf mulch on flower beds and around trees, keeping mulch away from the trunks. Mulch conserves moisture, protects plant roots, suppresses weeds, and regulates soil temperature. 

9. WATER. Make sure all trees, shrubs, perennials, and roses receive 1 inch of water per week. If Mother Nature does not provide this amount, it is best to water deeply once per week rather than water shallowly several times per week.

10. WATERING SCHEDULE. Implement a watering schedule for all plants to help prevent drought stress.

11. LOOK for insect damage. Damaging insects can be very active at this time. Call your arborist if you detect trouble.

12. PRECAUTION. Be careful not to wound trees with lawn mowers and trimmers.
13. PRUNE hedges after new growth has appeared.

14. PRUNE Spring flowering shrubs. Pruning after they flower encourages maximum blossoms for the next year.

15. PLANT TREES. In many areas, June is a good time for planting trees, shrubs, vines and ground cover.

16. THIN FRUIT TREES. Take care of fruit trees now to make sure you get your sweet rewards later in the season. Thin Asian and European pear trees heavily now.

17. ANALYZE YOUR TREES. If it's a "light year" for any of your apple trees, avoid pruning them — but the heavier fruit bearers should be thinned lightly after their unpollinated fruit has dropped. Remove one apple from triple and double clusters to encourage the growth of larger fruit.

18. DESTROY LARVAE. If you find tent caterpillars in tree branches (they're especially fond of crabapple and fruit trees), prune out the limbs and destroy the cocoons.
Good luck with your spring tree care and gardening!  Stay tuned for more tips in the coming weeks. 

Thanks for reading,
Jenni Willis
President and CEO
Trees "R" Us, Inc.

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