Sunday, March 30, 2014

Get in on our Mulch Sale before it's Gone, Gone, Gone!

It's finally here. Spring. And it's time to replenish your mulch. There's so many benefits to mulching in your garden, around your trees and add it to your landscape.

Mulch gives your lawn a clean finished look, but did you know that mulch is very beneficial to your plants and soil?  Here are just a few good reasons to mulch:

~ Reduce surface evaporation from the soil which means less watering for you
~ Improve water penetration and air movement which means healthier plants
~ Moderate soil temperature fluctuations which protects plants and helps them live longer
~ Protect shallow-root plants from freeze damage and frost-heave
~ Discourage weed growth which means less time weeding for you
~ Improve soil structure and nutrient availability as they decompose which means more nutrition in your fruits and vegetables as well as healthier plants

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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Tree Trimming MEGA SALE going on now!

Spring is officially here, by way of the calendar anyway. It seems that winter still wants to hang around for a bit. I believe a bit of snow is expected in a few days. Hopefully that will be the end of the white stuff and we are on to warmer brighter days. There is one advantage to winter hanging around so long. It buys you more time to trim your trees. Did you know that the best time to trim your trees is before the weather warms up? To help you get the job done, we running our biggest sale of the season! Buy one tree trimming, get one FREE!

There isn't a person I know that doesn't love spring. It is such an exciting time. As the weather changes, trees start budding, tips of flowers start popping up out of the half frozen ground, grass starts to changes from bland brown to vibrant green. This motivates us to get some spring cleaning under way. Now, I would assume on your list of things to maintain are your window sills, decks, porches and patio furniture. But are your trees on your list?

Landscaping and trees must not be forgotten! Keeping trees and landscaping healthy takes constant commitment every year and, the time to start, if you haven't already, is NOW! One of the best things you can do for your trees is have them assessed by an Arborist to see if they need trimming. We're here to help you with our tree trimming sale

One of our certified Arborists will personally visit your residence to assess your trees and give you their recommendations for spring care. If trimming is on the list, you're in luck as we are running are biggest tree trimming sale yet. Buy one tree trimming, get one FREE! You can grab the offer here.

As we turn away from the harsh winter months and head toward the growing season, One of the best tips I can give you for spring is prune shrubs and trim trees.

The best time to prune trees and shrubs varies depending upon species and desired results, but normally, late winter and early spring before the weather get too warm is the best time to prune and trim.  I would recommend contacting an Arborist to help you determine when to prune the trees on your property. Trees "R" Us, Inc. has several certified Arborists on staff that will assess your trees and give you a plan to follow.

Pruning during the “dormant season,” or when the trees have no leaves, is usually best. This is the time to prune young trees for future structure, remove live limbs that are too low or close to the house, and remove limbs that might have been damaged in winter storms.

Keep in mind, though, that dead and damaged limbs can be pruned any time throughout the year and should be removed promptly for safety reasons. Trees "R" Us, Inc. specializes in tree maintenance, removal, tree trimming and emergency tree services. Visit for more information on our services and remember to get our tree trimming offer on our Facebook page. This offer is only offered through Facebook.

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President and CEO, Trees "R" Us, Inc.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

How to Keep Your Trees Healthy this Spring

Tree disease and insect infestation are in many cases preventable and NOW is the time to take the appropriate measures to protect your trees. Trees are investment. They cost money to buy and plant. They increase your property value. They reduce your heating and cooling costs. They clean the air you breathe. Aren't they worth protecting. It's time to protect your invent and here's how. 

Keeping trees healthy is not an impossible task. Although there are so many factors that can harm a tree and it doesn't necessarily have to start with insects or disease. Things like rubbing against a tree with the side of a lawn mower, or pounding the bark with a string trimmer are the first steps in stressing a tree and leaving it susceptible to invasion by insects or disease. No matter how your tree is compromised, is it important to realize that tree should not be left just to grow on their own. They should be attended to much like you attend to a garden. Pay attention. Notice when something doesn't look right. Get advice from a Certified Arborist if you are unsure of what's going on with your trees.

The first step with any tree or tree care plan is prevention. Prevention is the key to keeping trees healthy.  Regular pruning, fertilization and proper watering can help your trees fight diseases and insects naturally. However, trees can't guard themselves agains every kind of disease, like Dutch Elm disease or Emerald Ashe Borer (EAB).
This is when it is best to leave your tree care to professionals. A tree care company with a certified arborist on staff would be an ideal choice. An arborist is highly qualified in diagnosing and treating problems with your trees. One of the most serious problems facing the northwestern suburban forest of greater Chicago is the EAB. When you see this critter or the carcass of one on your tree, it may be too late to save it. It's really unfortunate how quickly this pest will devastate ash trees.

Additionally, did you know that by law you need a special license to spray some chemicals on the trees to protect them from infestations like EAB? Many of the chemicals and pesticides found at the 'big box stores' or your local garden store can only be sold at a severely reduced strength so that it can be sold to the general public. The pesticides and sprays used by a licensed spray are much more highly concentrated and as a result much more effective. 

It is important to know when the problem requires a spray or treatment to keep the tree healthy and when other measures such as pruning the infected area my suffice. This is just another reason why a consulting with a Certified Arborist is a really good choice.

Those of you that are local to the Chicago area are can contact Trees "R" Us, Inc. for tree trimming, sprays, treatments or consults with one of our Certified Arborists.
Trees "R" Us, Inc. provides fully-licensed and certified staff to apply pesticides and get the problem under control, preventing the spread to surrounding trees. Rest assured that each treatment we use is environmentally safe, yet effective.

Give us a call for a consultation. 847-913-9069. Or, contact us via the web at

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