Monday, February 17, 2014

We're tree pruning all around the suburbs. Have you seen us?

Although it is cold and (very) snowy outside, this is actually the best time of year to prune many of your deciduous trees. Did you know that 90 percent of deciduous pruning can be done in the winter.

Rule of thumb is when trees and shrubs go into dormancy, they can safely be pruned. Pruning can continue until you see buds start to round out and plump up. For Chicagoans, this usually means that pruning can safely happen between mid-November to mid-March. The only exception to this is evergreen trees. These trees really should be pruned during their growing season. Evergreens never become fully dormant and because of this they can suffer tip burn if pruned in the winter.

Why prune? So, now, why would one want to prune is some of the coldest, most brutal months of the year?

1. Trees without leaves are much easier to prune because you can easily see the branch structure.

2. You minimize the risk of transmitting diseases from one plant to another.

3. You also minimize the risk of attracting insects to the fresh pruning wounds on the trees.

 tree pruning hinsdale

tree pruning glenview

We've been very busy pruning. We're pruning for Des Plaines, Glen Ellyn, Glenview, Hinsdale, Libertyville and Wilmette and Wheeling. We are happy to prune for municipalities, commercial business and residences. Pruning in the winter can be a tricky task. 

tree pruning glenview

tree pruning wilmette

Managing tree pruning while battling snow and wind can be dangerous and really should be left to professionals who have experience in pruning and safety.

tree pruning des plaines

Call Trees "R" Us, Inc. to get on our pruning schedule today! We're here to help you get your trees ready and healthy for spring!

President and CEO of Trees "R" Us, Inc.

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