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Real or Fake? 10 reasons why or why not to buy a real Christmas tree

Do you buy a real christmas tree every year or drag out the artificial one from the basement or attic? No matter what you do, I bet it is a tradition and you wouldn't have it any other way. Family traditions like this make for great memories and tend not to change over the years. And while there really is no right or wrong answer, there certainly are real, proven pros and cons to the real vs. artificial Christmas tree.

Ask people if they prefer real Christmas trees or artificial trees and one thing is clear: People are firmly rooted in their tree traditions.

When It Comes to Real trees...

PROS of Real Christmas Trees

1. Memories and traditions. Making or continuing a tradition of taking the family out to the tree farm and picking out the perfect tree…or Charlie Brown tree…is one of the most special times of the year for many. Making those memories is irreplaceable.

2. It smells like Christmas. Bringing the Christmas tree home is an exciting time. The tree fills the house with that fresh pine scent, a sure sign that Christmas is on its way. Douglas firs and Fraser firs both have a distinct fragrance.

3. Support local economy. Buy buying a Christmas tree, many times you can find them locally and thereby support the local farming community.

4. Easy recycling. After the season is over, the tree is ideal for post-holiday bonfires. This is a serious tradition for some families! Sounds like fun. Wish we'd do that here in Chicago, but too much snow and icey-cold temps don't make me want to roast marshmallows on the open fire.

5. Helping the environment. During growth, real Christmas trees emit oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide and other gases. It will clean the air in your home.

CONS to Buying A Real Christmas Tree

6. The mess. Real trees are a mess. They will shed needles on floors, carpets and the cars or trucks that transported them. Also, look out for sap. What a mess that can be on the carpet.

7. Pets react strangely to the tree. Pets are attracted to real trees — drinking the water, climbing them, eating the needles and then getting sick on the carpet. Cats especially think that these trees are their personal jungle gyms. Dogs on the other hand have been known to 'mark' them. Gross, I know, but, that's what they'd do if they were outside after all.

8. Allergies. Christmas trees inside the home may spur allergies, asthma attacks and hives.

9. Potential fire hazards. If exposed to flames or intense heat sources, real trees become engulfed in flames within seconds, especially if the trees are dry and brittle.

10. Extra work. You have to saw off excess stumpage, cram it in (or on) your car, clean up the needles and cover bare spots.

As you can see the real tree has some great environmental benefits, but is more work. I'll tackle the reasons why artificial Christmas trees are good or bad next, so stay tuned.

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