Monday, November 11, 2013

November Tree Care Tips From Trees "R" Us, Inc.

fall tree planting
Fall is well underway and we are approaching some of your last times to plant new trees and shrubs to get them ready for the next growing season in the spring. 

Many people think that because it is fall that the time to plant has passed and you have to wait until spring to plant new trees and shrubs. On the contrary, this is a perfect time to plant! Although the growing season has halted for some species and has really slowed for others, this doesn't mean that you shouldn't be planting. Fall is an ideal season for planting trees, shrubs and other assorted plants. There are many benefits to planting in the fall, but there area some rules to be followed. 

When you plant in the fall, do it well before winter sets in; ideally about 6 weeks before your area generally sees the first hard frost. This will ensure that smaller plants will be well established before the harsh winter takes it toll. Shrubs will get a definite head start over ones that are planted in spring. And larger plants will see more growth and therefore become more established; generally trees see one inch of tree trunk diameter per year. Planting in the fall should give them a 6 month head start. By planting in the fall and doing it properly you are encouraging good root growth. Planting trees and shrubs in fall enables the root systems to grow before the hot summer returns which is a big benefit to the health of the plants, trees and shrubs.

These plants that are planted in the fall also do particularly well in the following growing season because they are more established they can tolerate the temperature differences in the summer with the heat and also are more immune to drought. 

Another great benefit to planting in the fall is so obvious, yet really overlooked. Fall colors! In the spring one of the most common questions I get asked is what the tree will look like in the fall. What will the colors be? Will the leaves be red? Will they be orange? Well, now, if you would have looked at trees to purchase and plant in the fall, you would know exactly what colors the leaves would turn. It may seem silly that people would pick trees to plant based on what color their leaves turn in the fall, but remember, trees add property value. And, if a tree's leaves turn an amazing display of red and orange in the fall, it only makes your property look that much better.

Some of the most popular trees to plant in the fall are alder, amur corktree, ash, buckeye, catalpa, crabapple, elm, hackberry, hawthorn, honey locust, horse chestnut,  linden, maple, pine, spruce, and sycamore.
fall trees

A few rules to follow or pitfalls to avoid: do not plant broadleaf evergreens in the fall. These include rhododendrons, azaleas, boxwoods and hollies. They are susceptible to harm from the winter winds and extreme cold temperatures. If you do plant them it is really important that you protect them from the wind and have them treated with an anti-desiccant.
Although I recommend planting in the fall, it is important that you plant well before the first frost and that you do not continue to plant trees too late into the fall as this will have a negative impact on the health of the plant. September through November is the ideal time to plant, providing your area doesn't see too much snowfall during these times. Planting before the snow and hard frost will allow the important root system to become established before the ground freezes. On the flip side, please do not plant too late into the fall as this will have a negative impact on the health of your plants and trees.

Cooler, wetter weather of fall is the perfect time for tree planting. During the fall season there is usually an increase in rainfall and cooler temperatures, so less watering is needed. As tree shoot growth comes to a halt, plants, trees and shrubs require less water because the days are cooler and shorter with less and less sunlight every day, so therefore, the rate of photosynthesis decreases. The stable air temperatures of the season also promote rapid root development. In addition, soils may stay warm well after the air temperature cools, also encouraging root growth. While you may think that not much is happening during the tree's dormant period, but in actuality, trees grow to establish roots in new locations before warm weather stimulates top growths which sets the tree up for success in the spring and summer.

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