Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Arborists can help with trees after storms

With the recent storms that swept through Illinois and Indiana, we certainly realize the fury of weather and the destruction it can leave behind. 
We'd first and foremost like to send our thoughts and prayers to those affected by the Sunday's tornadoes. Washington, Illinois was one of the hardest hit and the pictures of the damage are overwhelming. We are thankful that they are on their way to recovery by rebuilding and moving on.

While it might be your first instinct to contact a tree service to remove a damaged tree after a storm, did you ever think of contacting a certified arborist? A good tree service should have some certified arborists on staff already, but many do not. Make sure you do your research on the service you use before you commit. A certified arborist would be a great person to have out to your home or business to assess the damage to a tree as they are highly qualified to determine if any trees on your property need removing or just pruning. They have the tools, equipment and skills necessary to take on the job. Tree removal is usually recommended if a tree is considered hazardous, dead or dying, causing an obstruction, or needs to be replaced by a more suitable tree. An arborist will be able to determine if the tree can be salvaged. After you've invested in a tree, the last thing we want to do is remove it from your property, so we will do everything we can to make sure the can not be saved.
Many of you may be looking for emergency tree care. With the recent storms, high winds and tornadoes many area trees were severely damaged, even causing substantial property damage. It is likely that damaged trees can fall on other trees, homes, other structures and vehicles. For a complete assessment of the area and damage, an arborist can determine what needs to be done and go about the job in a completely safe manner, salvaging whatever possible.
Arborists are able to provide other services, which include plant health care, preventative tree maintenance, cabling and spraying to control and prevent insect and disease problems.
Select the Right Arborist for the Job
Make sure the arborist you choose has the right credentials and the skills to cover all aspects of tree care. All the necessary permits and licenses should be up to date and ready for your inspection. Don’t be afraid to check references either. Why? Because tree care is a long-term investment; it’s like buying a new car after having first taken it for a test drive.
Be on the lookout for door-to-door sales people offering a bargain for tree maintenance, especially after major storms like we've just had. Most reputable and legitimate companies are too busy to solicit business in this manner. And don’t be afraid to ask questions.

The professional arborists at Trees "R" Us, Inc are here to help. We have several certified arborists on staff, as well as teams of tree care professionals to help you clean up your property after the storm or just help you maintain your trees.
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