Saturday, August 31, 2013

September Tree Care Checklist

September is upon us already and it seems like summer just started. Weather is hot and humid, but probably not for long. The leaves will be turning and the awesomeness of fall will be upon us.  
Pay special attention to your trees and shrubs this month. If you feel you'd like to move them to a new location, or need to move them for any reason, you should wait until trees and shrubs drop their leaves or undergo color change  before doing so.  After plants and tree drop their leaves they enter a state of dormancy. When they are in dormancy they react better to transplanting. Transplant shock will be minimized if you wait. Of course, if you need help, call your local arborist or tree service and they can help you with transplanting your trees and with your other fall tree care needs. If you are local to the Chicagoland area, contact Trees "R" Us, Inc. for your tree and plant concerns.
If you have broadleaved and needled evergreens, either dwarf or standard, then you should pay special attention to getting those moved by October 1st.  Make sure you give them ample water at planting time and each week up until the ground freezes.
For general tree care, you should continue to water large trees and shrubs, especially evergreens, until the ground freezes hard. Since we still have some rather hot weather with little rain, you really need to make sure those trees are kept well hydrated. 
For Evergreens, they continue to lose moisture through their needles throughout winter and must have adequate water in their root zones to avoid winter burn or dessicated needles. It is weird to think that you need to water trees in the winter, but it is true. Newly dessicated needles that show up in early spring are mainly due to lack of water from the winter. 
For general fertilization, you should wait until October. I would recommend fertilizing any tree or shrub that looks like it might benefit from extra nutrition — for example, has stunted growth, has failed to fully flower or leaf out, or has undersized fruit or off-color foliage. If you are unsure what plants and trees need some nutritional support or don't know what to treat the plants and trees with, contact your local arborist. Trees "R" Us, Inc. has a team of arborists that are well trained on how to best service your plants and trees during each time of the year. 
Check back next month for the October list. And in the meantime, follow our blog for me details on tree care. We post regularly and have been for over a year.  You'll find a wealth of information here with us!
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