Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Spring Floods Can Harm Your Trees

Did you ever think that your trees could drown? It's true.  Too much water can leave trees sitting in soil saturated with water. If the spring brings large amounts of rain, your trees are a risk of drowning. 

Too much water at the base of a tree can cause a myriad problems. Educating yourself about tree care and knowing where to seek assistance can help trees survive the spring thaw. Too much water can be as bad for trees as too little water. While some trees are suited to survive occasional floods, most are not. In addition, as a tree becomes older, its ability to adapt to abrupt environmental changes decreases. It is when spring water levels recede that most will begin to notice problems with their trees.

Trees must maintain a proper water balance. Although most trees can withstand moisture conditions from very dry to very wet for short periods of time, continued extremes can cause serious problems, depending on the tree species.

Some species – such as some oaks, pines and junipers – have adapted to survive drier conditions. Trees that grow along rivers (such as willows, poplars, cottonwoods and sycamores) and trees that grow in or around swamps and ponds (such as red maples, gums and pond cypress) have adapted to grow in wet conditions. 

Flood injury occurs when soil becomes unusually saturated with water. And, just because it is labeled flood injury, it doesn't mean that there needs to be a flood for the injury to occur.  There just needs to be an unusual excess of water.

Flood injury is a serious matter concerning the health of your trees. Please stay tuned as in the next few days I will cover the symptoms of flood injury and what you need to do if your tree has been affected by flood injury.

If you feel your tree was affected by flood injury, please contact your local tree service or arborist to determine the extent of the damage and to see how the tree can be saved. Trees "R" Us, Inc. is a tree service with certified arborists on staff to help you with your tree care needs such as this. If you are local to the Chicago suburbs or North Shore area of Chicago, please contact us with your tree care concerns. 847-913-9069 or www.treesrusinc.com

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