Monday, February 4, 2013

Trees and Sunlight

Did you know that trees play a little game of cat and mouse with sunlight?  It's true.  Trees trap sunlight much like a cat relentless in its pursuit of a mouse! A tree will attempt to fill any gaps in its canopy with branches and leaves as it grows. Trees love light and are what is called ‘phototrophic’ which basically means they grow towards the light.
Trees also develop in balance with their surroundings and according to the space available to them as well as many other factors such as the typical weather conditions they are faced with, the type of soil they grow in and the amount of water available to them. Trees are basically woody plants and day by day they try to grow towards the sunlight. Leaves on a tree capture sunlight and convert it into sugars which the tree stores throughout its structure.
Trees are comples creatures that are built to last.  Take care of your trees.
Brought to you by Trees "R" Us, Inc. along the North Shore of Chicago.

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