Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Tree removal considerations

Deciding to remove a tree has to be based upon a whole range of factors and in some instances certain trees and areas have rules and regulations that you must follow.
Factors to consider before removing a tree are; the species of the tree, its position, the absence or presence of disease, the trees surrounding it, any previous tree surgery and the time of year to name but a few. You should really consider exactly what your motives are before removing any trees just so that we can all work on making sure we are not destroying healthy trees without a valid reason to do so.
Tree surgery is a difficult profession to master and bad, heavy-handed tree surgery on some species of trees can actually lead to thicker, more dense regrowth which in turn creates more shade more leaves which is the one thing that many customers do not want.
If you are local to the Chicago metropolitan area or the north shore, contact Trees "R" Us, Inc. for a tree removal quote.

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