Saturday, January 12, 2013

Well drained soil is key

Winter is in full swing and you should have already taken measures to protect your trees. If you didn't, do so now!  Better late than never.

Winter is a stressful time for trees.  The fluctuating temperatures, drying winds, shortage of water and other factors stress out your trees and shrubs.  This is especially true is the trees are not native to the climate they’re planted in.  For this reason it is important to help these trees out as much as possible.  A few preventive measures are all it takes to help them get through the winter without too much damage.
I'm going to give you a list of things to do to ensure your tree is well protected during the winter months.

The first item we will focus on is drainage.

Good drainage is one of the easiest ways to protect trees and shrubs. During winter, the soil will expand and contract as the weather causes freezing and thawing.  Sometimes this will even heave the tree's roots right out of the soil. Wet, poorly drained soil will have the most stress on trees. But well-drained soil keeps roots in place and also protects them from these harsh winter conditions..

The best way to create a soil that will protect your trees year round is by improving the soil when you plant them. Mix sand and compost into the soil you remove from the planting hole. This will encourage better drainage. Then use the improved soil to fill in the rest of the hole.  If you know your tree was not planted in this manner, don't fret.  There are a host of other things you can do to protect your tree from the harsh winter conditions.  Please check back tomorrow and later during the week as each day I will cover a new way to protect your trees from winter's fury.

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