Friday, January 25, 2013

Tree removal tips

Removing a structurally unsound or unsightly tree yourself can prove to be a bigger risk than you might expect. The risk is simply not worth the reward of saving a few dollars if you become liable for damages, or fines and other penalties—especially if such a removal is performed without a permit. There can be many unforeseen obstacles, or persons harmed when untrained individuals attempt to remove a tree, which is why you should always seek a professional tree removal service.

We are experts in removing trees, and our tree removal equipment and 20 years of experience will protect you and your property from these unforeseen risks. This is why we carry insurance to protect ourselves and our customers from even the worst case scenarios—such as damage to your home or neighbors property—or an uninsured serviceman injuring themselves and holding you responsible.

The larger the tree, the more difficult and risky it becomes to remove that tree, which is why we use specialized machinery to assist us. If the trunk or a large branch topples in the wrong place—or even worse on someone—you are liable to pay a lot more than if you had simply used a professional removal service in the first place. Disposing of the debris is another matter—most places in the Chicago area will not allow you to leave dead trees at the curb for trash pickup—this is the responsibility of the homeowner, and something that we will take care of for you as part of our service.

Once the tree is cut down, you are still left with the firmly attached stump and roots of that tree. Stump grinding is usually the best option with larger trees as it is very quick and only minimally damages the surrounding area. The thing with mature root systems is that they like to spread out over a wide area—sometimes in very inopportune places such as beneath the foundations of your home. Using a professional tree removal service will ensure the minimum of fuss and damage to the surrounding area.

If you need an insured and hassle-free tree removal service to take care of your tree removal needs. Call Trees "R" Us, Inc. now for a free estimate at 847-913-9069. We service all areas of the Chicago metropolitan area including Wilmette, Winnetka, Glencoe, Highland Park and Lake Forest.

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