Friday, January 11, 2013

The best tree service in the Chicago area

Who's got the best tree service company in the Chicago area?  Well, there are many factors to consider before we make that decision.  

When it comes to the common tree services that homeowners and businesses ask for, most tree services would provide you with a similarly good job for the basic tree services like tree pruning, tree removal and stump grinding, as long as the recommended scope of work is the average request. Most tree services will go to the job site, do the work adequately and leave.  A good or even great tree service will provide advice, take the time to consult with the homeowners and give them details as to why the work that is being done is needed.  This is one of the things that really sets Trees "R" Us, Inc. apart from the competition. So, what is the best tree service in the Chicago area?  We'd like to say the Trees "R" Us, Inc. is and our track record proves it.

Trees are an important part of our lives.  As a responsible citizen you need to do your best to keep your trees healthy. We can help.  Trees "R" Us, Inc. doesn't specialize in “beautification”.  Rather we specialize in tree health care management. Beauty comes naturally as long as the tree is healthy.

The main services we offer that our competition really can’t compare to are our tree care programs. We offer programmed packages of a few timely treatments and tree inspections that are geared toward reviving sick trees and keeping healthy trees healthy.

What else sets us apart is something many times overlooked by those trying to choose a tree service.  It's insurance. Most tree services don’t carry workers comp. A tree service needs to have two insurance policies to be properly covered: a general liability to cover your property and workers comp to protect the workers. Be sure to ask for documents and make a phone call to their agent to ensure it’s not a phony document.

You can trust your trees to Trees "R" Us, Inc.  

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