Saturday, January 5, 2013

Call before you cut

Don't cut down that tree! Well, unless it is absolutely necessary and unless you've hired a professional tree service to make sure the tree needs to go.  

While there are many good reasons to remove a tree from your property, many of us remove trees unnecessarily and this can actually have adverse consequences. Trees should not be removed if:

~The tree can be saved

If the tree has a treatable disease or pest issue, don't automatically consider tree removal as the only option.

This is a prime example of why you need to consult with a tree service about the tree(s) ub question.  Make sure the tree service you look to for advice has a certified arborist on staff as they can help you assess your tree’s overall health and also provide possible treatments that can save the tree from being removed.

~ The tree itself lowers your energy bills or provides windbreak

For example; If the tree is near the house and provides a significant amount of shade, it can lower your air conditioning bill. Or, in the winter this tree can provide windbreak.

~is improves curb appeal and the value of your property

If your tree improves the look of your home – and its value – think twice before removing it.  what you may not realize it that it is well manicured trees and healthy-looking trees that capture people's attention and give your home curb appeal. In addition, a well designed landscape with appropriate trees will always draw a higher selling price than a lot with no trees or ill-chosen trees. I would suggest that if the tree you have enhances what your existing landscape, then, of course,  do not remove the tree!”

This consideration is especially important for older, larger trees.  A large tree takes 4 to 5 decades or more to grow. It is not worth it to cut it down.
~it will create a loss of privacy

Trees also provide privacy, particulary for homes on smaller lots. Don't give up your privacy unless you absolutely have to!

~you just plain don't like the tree

You certainly don't have to like every tree on your lot.  But, just because you don't doesn't mean you should remove it. A tree is more than just a plant. It provides us with many, many benefits and cutting a tree for the wrong purpose is plain foolish.  

Thanks for reading this excerpt on tree removal.  I hope you found this helpful and it taught you a thing or two about the proper reasons to remove a tree.

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