Sunday, December 9, 2012

Shrub care for the harsh winter months

Winter, at least in Chicago, is harsh.  It is hard on us humans; constantly bundling up, fighting colds and flus, and dealing with snow and ice.  But it is also hard on the other living things in our environment.  Trees and shrubs especially take a beating during the winter months.  Today I'm just going to focus on the care of your shrubs during the winter months.  There are several things you can do to keep your shrubs safe from winter elements.  These tips are simple yet effective, so take note!

To ensure your shrubs make it through the winter damage-free, there are several things you'll have to do and in the process you’ll be preventing many landscape-associated headaches come spring time. There are three main threats to shrubs in the winter months and those are wind damage, snow-weight damage, and salt damage.  I'll start with wind damage.  Please check back tomorrow for information on snow-weight damage and salt damage.  

What you need to know about wind damage:

The cold winter wind is capable of excessively drying out the shrubs that maintain their foliage in the winter. This is called desiccation.  During desiccation, the drying process is caused by transpiration of the water within the shrub’s foliage. 

There are a few measures you can take to protect your shrubs from desiccation or drying out.   One of the easiest and most popular things you can do is apply an anti-desiccant liquid to all your broadleaf evergreen shrubs. This will help your shrubs maintain their moisture through harsh winter conditions.  Your local tree service may have a Plant Health Care Division (PHC).  A good tree service will offer PHC and can do this for you.

Another easy remedy is to wrap your shrubs in burlap, or creating a burlap screen for your shrubs to shelter them from the wind.  Damaging winds will be blocked by the burlap therefore protecting your tress from additional water loss and drying.  Burlap application is another service that your local tree care company should be able to offer you if you don't want to tackle this yourself.  

With these 2 easy solutions, your shrubs should stay free from wind damage and healthy for the upcoming spring.

Stay tuned as for tomorrow I'll be blogging about how to protect your shrubs from snow-weight damage and salt damage.

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