Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Salt damage to shrubs and plants

Salt Damage
It's winter and athough the snow has not yet begun to pile up, you know it is coming.  Snow, ice, slush.  It is what winter in Chicago is all about.  While it does look pretty and a little snow every now and then is a nice change, the cold, wind, snow and salt do a number on our plants and shrubs.  Check back on the last two posts to see how winds and heavy snows can harm your shrubs and how you can protect them.  Today, however I'll focus on salt damage to shrubs.  
The salt that is used to melt snow and ice is yet another threat to your plants in the winter - it's a miracle that in spring our plants come back! Salt acts as an herbicide and can seriously damage or kill the shrubs in its path. There is very little you can do for your shrubs that line the streets that are salted by the town or state; however, on your own driveways and walkways, try to limit the amount of salt used near your shrubs, as it will have a negative impact on their health. 

If you are experiencing salt damage year after year, you should consider planting a salt-tolerable variety of shrub. Burlapping may help protect from salt damage slightly; however, it is very possible that salt will penetrate the burlap.

If you can limit the damage that the wind, snow, and salt cause to your shrubs in the winter, you’ll be much happier with your landscape come spring. It is also a wise idea to have an Arborist inspect the shrubs and trees on your property before winter hits to ensure everything is in a safe, healthy condition. Where can you find an Arborist?  Your local tree service, if it is a good one, should have Arborists on staff and ready to help you.  Locals to Chicago can rely on the Arborists at Trees "R" Us, Inc. to help you make decisions about your shrub care in the winter and they can even help you pick out varieties of shrubs that will be more resistant to the harsh winter conditions, including salt damage.

If you’re living in the suburbs of  Chicago, contact Trees 'R' Us, Inc. for a free quote. We’ll give you an estimate for the care of your shrubs based on 20 years of quality service. We’re I.S.A. certified and have prices that are hard for any tree service to beat. As a family business, we’ve got a reputation of quality service to live up to.

Don’t trust the amateurs to handle your winter shrub care, or any of your tree-care needs. For a free estimate, give us a call at 847-913-9069, or email us at nick@treesrusinc.com.

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