Friday, December 7, 2012

How to pick the best cut Fraser Fir Christmas tree

You're at the Christmas tree farm or tree lot and you're looking at hundreds of Christmans trees that look exactly the same with the exception that some are taller than others.  While the size of the tree is always a consideration as you need it to fit into your room, there are other factors that should go into making your Christmas tree choice.  

First off, ask where the Fraser Fir tree are located.  This is one of the best choices in Christmas trees.  Its size is slender so that it is likely to fit rooms both large and small, its needles are spread out and strong so that ornaments and lights can easily be used to decorate the tree, it has an aromatic smell and it lasts a long time when taken care of.  
On the tree farm or lot, inspect the needles of the tree.  Needles on a fresh fir tree will break crisply when bent sharply by your fingers. Trees that have lost a significant amount of moisture are more pliable and tend to bend without breaking. If you've read my post from yesterday, you'll know how important it is to water your cut tree and how much water they need a day.  If the tree has at on the lot with out the proper care, it is likely that the needles will show the stress of not having water first.  Be aware also that the needles on fresh pines do not break due to their fibrous nature unless they are very dry.
Stay tuned for tomorrow's post on how to properly dispose of your tree after the holidays are over.

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