Thursday, December 27, 2012

Hollows in trees are something to take note of

This is a tree hollow and this is how hollow happen.

The picture above shows a 'hollow'. A hollow is actually a tree that has been hollowed out so that the middle of the trunk is missing.  This was an apple tree. It has been hollowed out as a result from repeated over-pruning. 

Fruit trees need to be pruned to produce fruit in a way that is easily harvested. Done properly, such pruning does not harm the tree and will actually benefit the tree. However, when the foliage is removed excessively and the result is wounding the tree, you will eventually see the center of the tree to disappear.  The reason for this is the wounded wood is susceptible to fungi and bugs.  When the tree can't combat these buggers any more, it is then consumed by fungi and bugs. 

One major thing not to do is remove all the upright shoots. Do not under any circumstance do this! The tree will need those branches, especially in late summer when they shield other parts of the tree from the sun. 

If you have an old tree with some hollow parts, have it assessed by your arborist; it may still be healthy despite having a missing middle. But the key is to protect it from future damage, so be sure to contact your local tree service or arborist and have that tree checked out so you can keep it healthy for years to come.

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