Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Fraser Firs trees and Norway Spruce used as Christmas trees

The holiday season is well underway and the Christmas tree lots are filled with tree cut and ready to go home to be trimmed with holiday decor. Do you know how to pick the best tree in the lot? Do you know what tree species to look for?
There are a few things you should know before you just blindly point at any ole tree thinking it will do.
Are you familiar with the fir tree? It seems that everyone thinks they know what a fir tree is, but most are mistaken.  The most commonly used Christmas tree species are fir, which have the benefit of not shedding their needles when they dry out, as well as retaining good foliage color and scent. A great choice for bringing a tree into your home for a few weeks. 
Then there's the Norway Spruce.  It is the original Christmas tree!  This tree is also used each year at Rockefeller Center in New York City.  Interestingly, the Norway Spruce is not native to North America, but is very popular and only more readily available in northern Europe. Many people think when they purchase a Christmas tree they are getting a Norway Spruce, but this is not so as the fir, specifically the Fraser Fir is also very common to Christmas tree lots. 
The Fraser Fir is the most common tree purchased for the holiday season and is considered to be the most popular Christmas tree.  Continue to the next post to continue finding out more about the Fraser Fir and how to pick the best Frasier Fir Christmas tree.

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