Monday, December 24, 2012

For other tree services - the client vs. customer relationship

Do you have clients or do you have customers?

This has been a topic of discussion at the last several meetings I've been to in the industry.  

It is a rather easy concept, but the words seem to really mess people up!  Let's take this scenario as an example.

Today I met with a client.  He's a guy we've been working with for several years.  He has come to trust us to give him an honest opinion when it comes to his tree care. He hires us for the purpose of advice on his trees. That is he paid me to professionally assess his tree. 

This is a crucial difference between what constitutes a client (or consultant relationship) and that of a customer (or provider transaction). 

When you invite a tree service provider by to provide an estimate for tree work or accept a quote, then you are a customer and they are acting as a salesperson, and hopefully an honest one. The tree service may give you advice that is valuable, or they may not, because any ongoing relationship is dependant on them winning your business. The service needs you, the customer to buy something from them in order to stay in business. Hopefully, they service takes it upon themselves to do the right thing by way of you and your trees, but whether they do so or not at this point will be entirely up to their conscience.

If you decide to hire a consultant like myself with Trees "R" Us, Inc., we know that we are getting paid to be there. Our livelihood is dependant on whether or not the advice we give is valuable, so you as our client, are assured of getting the very best that we have to give. It is the nature of the business and for this reason it is ultra important that you are in contact with reputable, honest business people.  With Trees "R" Us, Inc. we know that our reputation is everything and will do everything to make our customers and clients understand the scope of the tree work needed so that they keep coming back.  We love our loyal customers and hope they know that we appreciate their business as much as they appreciate our honest advice.

At Trees "R" Us, Inc. we take pride in not only our professional tree care services, but also educating our customers. It is through education that we really save trees and help the environment. We hope you found this post informative and educational.

Trees "R" Us, Inc. is a professional tree service for the Chicago's North Shore, North and Northwest suburbs. Tree trimming, tree removal, stump grinding, fertilizations, tree disease treatments and prevention as well as plant health care are just a few of our high quality, professional services. Contact us today for a free analysis or quote at or at 847-913-9069.

With that I would also like to wish all of our customers a glorious Christmas Eve.  Hope Santa is good to all of you!

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