Friday, December 14, 2012

firewood measurements

Who would have ever thought that buying firewood could be so complicated?  Do you know the difference between a cord or half cord, face corn or quarter cord?  Do you know if you need palletized firewood?  Do you know how much firewood you need?
Let me clear some of this up.  For starters, let's begin with the basic units of measurement that is used when speaking about firewood; that is the cord. It is also important to know that the standard log length is 16”.
TerminologyMeasurement when stackedCubic Feet
Cord4'x4'x8'128 Cubic Feet
Half Cord4'x4'x4'64 Cubic Feet
Face Cord (1/3 cord)4'x8'x16" (Log length)42.6 Cubic Feet
Quarter Cord (1/4 cord)4'x6'x16" (Log length)32 Cubic Feet
Cord2 Pallets stacked 4'x4'x4'128 Cubic Feet
Half Cord1 Pallet stacked 4'x4'x4'64 Cubic Feet
Quarter Cord1 Pallet stacked 4'x4'x2'32 Cubic Feet
Gas Station/SuperMarket Bundle
Bundlen/a.75 Cubic Feet
Bushel Baskets
2 Bushelsn/a6.4 Cubic Feet
4 Bushelsn/a12.8 Cubic Feet
6 Bushelsn/a19.2 Cubic Feet

Cord Diagram: 

As you can see, there are many ways  you can go about requesting your firewood.  Now that you know how to order your firewood, do you know how much you need? If you are buying firewood to use in your fireplace, a cord might be too much.  Most people who use their fireplace a few times a week will probably be better suited with a face cord or a quarter cord.  Our two most popular quantities are the 1/4 cord and 1/2 cord. It really depends on how cold it is, and how often you like to sit by the fire!
If you are using a wood stove or even a heating your home with a firewood furnace than you could use at least a cord, if not several cords.

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