Wednesday, December 12, 2012

firewood facts and terms

When dealing with the purchase of firewood it is really important to know the terminology associated with it.  The way firewood is marketed and advertised is very confusing.  You can buy a cord or a face cord, quarter cord, or wood that is Kiln dried, seasoned, green, barkless, or thermawood and don't eve get me started about log length!  It can all be a little overwhelming.  Let's clear up some common misconceptions about firewood.  Here you'll find out everything you need to know to be an educated firewood consumer!
I'll focus on just some of the major terms and continue tomorrow with additional information that will make you an educated consumer.
The terms can be descried as follows:

  • Green - Cut and split, but this firewood that has not been seasoned or kiln dried.  This type of wood is not ready to burn immediately and would result in a smoky fire, and a lot of hissing.
  • Seasoned - Cut and split firewood that has been left out in the elements for about 9 months.  Should have <20% moisture content, and the pieces should be fairly lightweight. 
  • Kiln Dried - Cut and split firewood that has been baked in a kiln to reduce moisture content.  This wood is 100% bug free as the wood is brought to over 200 degrees for several days being coming to you.  Usually cleaner than seasoned wood.  A premium product.
  • Debarked/Barkless - Cut and split firewood that has no bark on it.  This is typically very clean wood, and it drys faster without the bark.  Usually contains ash, beech, birch, and other woods with a thin bark (not usually oak).
  • Compressed Firelog - Sawdust that is compressed into a "log" and held together with a type of resin.  This is not "real firewood" per sae.  Characterized by its packaging, this product can absolutely not get wet or it will fall apart.  These logs give off more heat than typical firewood, but not many of the other "cozy" characteristics.  This type of wood is very expensive.
Stay tuned to tomorrow's post as I will touch on length as well as some other hot firewood topics.

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