Sunday, November 18, 2012

Winter tree care

Winter can present some tough conditions that can put a great deal of stress on trees, shrubs and lawns. Even though it’s winter, shrubs and trees still need water. Most people assume that foggy mornings and heavy frost provides adequate moisture that finds its way to the soil.
The truth is dry air winter conditions and low precipitation lead to dry soil conditions.
Watering your plants and trees during the fall and winter is crucial if they are to remain healthy in the spring and summer. Winter, trees and shrubbery can’t tell us if anything is wrong if they haven’t been properly cared for. We only have an indication damage occurred during
the spring if they fail to bloom or thrive. And if there is actual tree or root damage, it may take several years for the injury to make itself known. Shrubs and trees have the ability to leaf out and flower by drawing from stored energy even if they’ve been neglected the previous season.
The following are several tips that can keep your trees and shrubs healthy throughout the entire year.
Tip #1: Prune Your Trees in Winter
Winter pruning can be the best time to prune trees, because without leaves it’s easier to work with a tree’s structure. Deadwood can easily be removed and improvements can be made to save living branches.
Tip#2: Water Your Trees in Winter
To remain healthy, trees need water the entire year. Dew and frost cannot provide enough moisture for harsh winter soil conditions. Winter watering is a life saver for trees. However, it’s not advised to water if the ground is frozen.
The ravages of winter can take its toll on your property’s trees and shrubs, and it’s difficult for most people to imagine the extent of the damage that can occur. That’s why it makes all the sense in the world to call the professionals at Trees "R" Us, Inc. who can suggest needed services and give you a free estimate. The trees and shrubs on your property will determine its beauty and value for years to come.
Contact Trees "R" Us, Inc. today and get a free estimate of your property’s tree service needs.
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