Monday, November 19, 2012

winter pruning questions answered

I've been inundated with questions about pruning during the winter time. Chicago is due for snow any day, so old man winter is certainly upon us. Here is some additional information on winter tree care.

Winter tree pruning is relatively the same as pruning at any other time of the year. The importance of pruning in the winter, when trees are the most exposed, cannot be stressed enough. The tools used, such as shears, saws and clippers are used to remove dead, diseased branches or wayward branches to enhance a tree or shrubs health and to give it a better overall appearance.

Crown thinning is a pruning method that can serve to develop your trees structure or form by removing unwanted branches. It’s a method that helps to improve airflow and allows for greater sunlight penetration––two things necessary for a tree’s health.

Crown raising is a pruning method used to remove unwanted branches from the bottom of a tree. This is used as a safety measure to protect pedestrians or passing vehicles from harm.

Crown reduction is used where trees are in danger of exceeding their growth limits. It helps a tree to regain a natural appearance and lengthens the time between pruning cycles. It also helps to minimize any stress placed on trees. Crown pruning, however, should never be the first line of defense. It should only be a method of last resort. Crown reduction may lead to pruning wounds to tree stems. Perhaps a better solution to crown reduction is the replacement of those trees exceeding their allotted space.

Advantages of Winter Pruning

Pruning in late winter, when the trees are most dormant, allows you to easily see and prune for a tree’s natural shape. It’s easier to determine which branches need removing, trimming, or shortening. Dead or dying branches are easy to spot along with those that might be infested. Winter is also the perfect time to address pruning needs before its limbs become mature. Bigger tree cuts tend to heal at a slower rate.

Benefits of Winter Pruning

Winter pruning is beneficial for trees and shrubs because it helps to stimulate growth for the remaining branches. Trees are able to develop a much stronger structure while their appearance can be greatly improved. Fruit bearing trees will produce a greater yield during spring and summer, and the blossoms of flowering trees will greatly increase.

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