Saturday, November 17, 2012

Why an arborist?

There are lot of special things about an arborist. For starters, he or she can determine, with respect to the appearance and safety of your trees, the type and amount of pruning necessary to help maintain or improve their health.
Recommendations can include the following actions.
Pruning – Tree pruning takes into consideration a lot of things. Tree branches that rub against each other may need removing. Branches or limbs that interfere with wires, roofs, gutters, or that obstruct streets and sidewalks are a hazard. Diseased or limbs infected with insects can weaken and break at any time. These conditions could be an accident waiting to happen!
Tree or Stump Removal – An arborist can determine if any trees on your property need removing. They have the tools, equipment and skills necessary to take on the job. Tree removal is usually recommended if a tree is considered hazardous, dead or dying, causing an obstruction, or needs to be replaced by a more suitable tree.
Emergency Tree Care – Storms and high winds can do a lot of damage to trees on a property. And damaged trees can fall on other trees, homes, other structures and vehicles. An arborist can determine what needs to be done and go about the job in a completely safe manner.
Other Services – Arborists are able to provide other services, which include plant health care, preventative tree maintenance, cabling and spraying to control and prevent insect and disease problems.
Select the Right Arborist for the Job
Make sure the arborist you choose has the right credentials and the skills to cover all aspects of tree care. All the necessary permits and licenses should be up to date and ready for your inspection. Don’t be afraid to check references either. Why? Because tree care is a long-term investment; it’s like buying a new car after having first taken it for a test drive.
Don’t feel that it’s necessary to take the first bid that comes your way. If you know the company and you’re satisfied with its practices, feel free to go ahead and schedule work.
Be on the lookout for door-to- door sales people offering a bargain for tree maintenance. Most reputable and legitimate companies are too busy to solicit business in this manner. And don’t be afraid to ask questions. The professional arborists at Trees "R" Us, Inc are here to help.
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