Sunday, November 25, 2012

What to know about seasoned firewood

It’s that time of the year again; a time for snuggling up close to those we love in front of a hearth of warm burning embers.  These are special moments, and to make the most of it, it’s best to use well-seasoned, freshly cut firewood. Firewood that is freshly cut is slow to burn, and it may give off less heat than seasoned firewood. And the use of green firewood can cause a buildup of creosote, which has the potential to cause a fire in your home.
How to Tell if Firewood is Seasoned
Seasoned firewood has an aged look. First, the ends of split wood or the sides will be grayish in color from exposure to the weather. Fresh cut wood is light or white in color.  Second, the bark of seasoned firewood is loose.  And third, the ends of an aged log are usually cracked or splitting.  You can always opt to buy aged wood this year for next year’s use. That way, it’ll be seasoned when the time comes.
Tips for Stacking Cut Wood
Cutting firewood can be great exercise, but it can also be a challenge if your body isn’t used to strenuous activity. If you’re bringing home wood to stack, make sure you stack the wood tight with a tarp covering to keep moisture out.  Also keep in mind that stacking wood for too long a period can increase the chances of insect and disease conditions.
Make Sure Aged Wood Stored in the Home is Safe
Insects burrowed deep in aged wood can become a serious problem. Boring insects can emerge from the wood as adults and become airborne tyrants. Wood roaches and wood boring beetles can also become pesky challenges if unknowingly brought into your home.  Little holes in firewood are a sure sign that a burrowing insect is in the midst.  And perhaps the biggest culprits are termites, who can emerge and cause damage to an entire home if left unchecked.
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