Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Many benefits to contracting a tree service

Whether you contract for tree services is a personal matter. The truths you can’t just plant a tree and let it go. Trees, just like people, need proper maintenance if they are to live a long healthy life. Hiring a professional arborist is the best way to maintain your trees so they can fulfill their life expectancy.
Arborists are trained and knowledgeable professionals who are specifically equipped to provide proper care for the trees on your property. Not only are trees vital to life, but they’re also investments that can raise or lower the value of your property.  Trees provide aesthetic, social, environmental and economical benefits––amenities that we all enjoy.  So, contracting tree services to professionals who fully understand the scope of value your trees provide is the best way to ensure their longevity.
The benefits of contracting your property’s tree services include:
  • Increased property value – the value of your real estate can increase from 5 – 20% based on how well your property is manicured
  • Heating and cooling cost reduction – trees, by providing year round shade, can help reduce the nation’s heating and cooling costs by $2.1 billion
  • Climate control ­– trees are great at helping to moderate the effects of sun, rain and wind
  • Providing air filtration – trees help filter out harmful air  particles and absorb harmful atmospheric gasses
  • Water purification – trees naturally help to improve water quality by filtering and slowing down the run-off of rain water
  • Privacy and enhanced scenery – perhaps the most notable benefit is the privacy and scenery that trees provide when strategically planted and well-cared for
Contracting your property’s tree care services has tremendous benefits. Selecting the right certified arborists and contracting the work is the next step. Make sure the tree care service you choose is bonded and carries the proper insurance. The arborists who you’re considering contracting the work out to should be able to show proof of training along with references that you can easily follow up on.
At Trees "R" Us, Inc., we make sure you get quality work for tree pruning, tree removal and stump removal at affordable prices. For over 20 years we’ve provided top quality tree services to the residents of the Chicagoland area.  We take a lot of pride in doing this the right way—the first time around.
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