Friday, November 2, 2012

Keeping up with nature

Home and property owners everywhere are fortunate to enjoy the natural beauty that trees can bestow upon a landscape. Tress like oaks, birch, maple, pine and many others add aesthetic appeal and other amenities such as shading our homes and properties and providing a home to nesting birds and other animals. Trees also add value by protecting homes from rainstorms, wind, snow and other potentially harmful elements of nature.

Unfortunately, nature happens! Huge thunderstorms accompanied by powerful winds and rain can create serious damage to your property’s trees. However, before you grab your chain saw and head out to remove toppled trees or broken branches, take a moment to consider if it’s a job that you can handle.

Get a Tree Hazard Assessment from the Pros

Professional arborists are qualified to handle just about any tree problems that exist, including removing decaying or diseased trees, tree trimming, stump removal, crown raising, crown reduction, cabling, installing root barriers, lot clearing and more. You’ll get solid advice about the trees on your property and whether an assessment indicates possible tree hazards.

Hazardous trees, if left unattended, may result in personal injury to people and animals. In addition to possible property damage costs, hazardous trees could lead to a lawsuit if anyone is injured while on your property. Having a professional tree services company, like Wauson Tree Service, can give you a tree hazard assessment resulting in peace of mind. We may also help you avoid unseen liability risks.

A tree hazard assessment may reveal the following:
Trees in Poor Form – On occasion, trees will experience unnatural growth conditions or sustain damage resulting from storms or high winds.
Dead Wood – Dead tree branches or limbs pose the threat of breaking at any time and causing serious injury.
Split or Weak Branch Unions – Weak branch unions occur when branches fail to strongly attach to a tree. Poor structural strength is usually the result and creates the potential hazard of a limb or branch breaking free and inflicting injury.
Damaged or Weak Root Problems – Trees are anchored to the soil by their roots, and can easily fall over in a severe windstorm or from the weight of the tree itself.
Cankers – A canker occurs when a patch of bark is missing, which may indicate disease or a serious wound. Left unattended, disease can spread throughout the tree.

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