Tuesday, November 13, 2012

how to store firewood properly

Depending on where you live, burning firewood is an excellent alternative to the high costs of autumn and winter heating. However, to store firewood properly, you’ll need the appropriate equipment and storage space.
The first order of business is to think in terms of circulation. An open wood shed is the perfect solution. It’s affordable and you can stack the wood from the ground up. Make sure the location you choose is fairly close to where you’ll actually be staying. If the wood is stored close by, you won’t have to walk too far.
If using an outside rack to store firewood, make sure the bottom of the rack clears the ground so the wood can remain dry and relatively free from crawling insects.
If storing wood inside the home, check to make sure the wood is free of insect infestation. If using the basement for storage, just realize that pests, especially flying insects, can easily migrate through air connections to other parts of the home.
Logs piled on the ground on earth or cement are especially prone to insect attacks. However, if it’s the only place you can store wood, make sure the logs are stacked perfectly so they won’t fall when removing logs from the top of the pile. Try and store the wood at least 35 feet from your home.
Don’t forget to cover your outside logs with a simple nylon tarp to keep the wood dry. Tie downs will keep the tarp from flying away in high winds. There are still sunny days in the autumn and winter, so take advantage when one happens your way. On sunny winter days, be sure and remove the tarp so the wood can dry any moisture that has seeped in.
If your wood is seasoned and dry, it will burn well. On the other hand, wet wood smokes. Where you buy your wood this autumn and winter is as important as the care you take in storing it.
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