Tuesday, November 27, 2012

clean up time!

The storm damage that can occur from the wind, rain, snow and ice is unpredictable. When this happens, people are quite often hard-pressed to find a solution that can help restore their property back to its original state of health and beauty.
Why spend personal time in the aftermath of a storm worrying about the next step when you can call the experts at Trees "R" Us, Inc.?
Of course storms don’t always leave destruction in their wake, but when the winds and rain hit 60 mph, there will usually be a lot of debris caused by falling trees and tree limbs. Power lines, uprooted sprinkler systems, electrical systems and property damage are often the result. If this happens, the only solution is to turn to the people with the equipment and know-how to handle the emergency.
The attempt at storm damage cleanup can result in personal injuries that very few people are prepared for. Have you ever fallen off a ladder? Have you ever cut yourself on a piece of broken glass reaching in a pile of debris? Like most people, you probably have a ton of memories that you could share. At Trees "R" Us, Inc., we take the worry you might have and we remove the danger of you trying to go it alone.
Professional arborists can assess the property damage, give you a free estimate of the work we can do, and offer some great advice if repairs on the property are beyond our reach. After all, when you’ve been in business for over fifty years as we have, there aren’t many surprises left when dealing with storm damage cleanup.
We can help restore your property back to its original splendor as quickly as possible. We can even suggest ways of enhancing your property’s aesthetic value beyond its original state. We can also offer other services, which include tree trimming, tree pruning, tree stump removal, cabling, tree removal, and much more.
There’s no need to stress! Contact Trees "R" Us, Inc. 847-913-9069 or nick@treesrusinc.com. We’re the tree service you can depend on.

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