Wednesday, October 17, 2012

What the heck is vista pruning?

It's time to start thinking about pruning.  But, how do you respond to your arborist when he asks if you want vista pruning for your trees this year?

Vista pruning is commonly used jargon in the world of arboriculture, but what exactly does it mean to the interested homeowner?

A vista is defined as a “pleasing view, especially one seen through a long, narrow opening.”  As it relates to tree care, vista pruning is essentially the pruning of trees to create a pleasing view, whether through a series of trees, or over a serious of trees.

It is common that homeowners enlist the services of a tree pruner to vista prune trees in order to improve a view of the ocean, pond, stream, mountain, or various other beautiful settings.

There are two main techniques that are used when vista pruning; and they are crown reduction, and tree thinning. Reducing the crown consists of pruning the upper portion of the tree, effectively opening up views above the trees. Crown reduction works especially well when the desired view is in the distance and the viewing platform – be it a house, deck, patio, etc – is elevated.

Thinning a tree is a common pruning practice, as it improves light and air flow, making for a healthier tree; however, thinning can also be used when vista pruning to open up views through the trees. This is common along water-front properties, as homeowners are looking to improve their views, without cutting down the trees that add both appeal and privacy to their property. Those of you on Lake Michigan will want to have your trees pruned in this manner.

Trees can be vista pruned year-round; however, the winter months are the best for vista pruning because the limited foliage allows for clear sight lines, and the firm ground allows for easier access with pruning equipment. We recommend vista pruning every two years or so, but some properties may need it more frequently in order to maintain those desirable views.  So, it is time to call your local tree service as winter is just around the corner.  

These helpful hints will make your tree pruning project a successful one, and give you gorgeous views too! 

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  1. Vista prunings are nice and really royal looking, but they can also disrupt the best and recommended growth for your trees.

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