Friday, October 19, 2012

Pine trees suffered from the drought in the Chicago area

2012 will be remembered for record heat and drought throughout the Chicagoland area. You may have seen pine trees die in your neighborhood and attributed it to the weather or poor growing conditions. Certainly the weather has stressed our urban trees, but there is another threat on the horizon: Pine Wilt disease.

You have probably never heard of Pine Wilt. This disease is caused by the Pine Wood Nematode. The frightening thing about this disease is it targets Austrian and Scotch pines. The Austrian pine is not native to Illinois, but has been introduced and is common in Lake county, Illinois. The Scotch pine has been planted all over the United States due to its adaptability and is common in Illinois.

With pine wilt disease, without warning and without any signs of insect or disease, the tree turns straw color and dies. Ponderosa, pinion and foxtail pines are resistant.

Since discovery in 1979, Austrian and Scotch pine losses have reached epidemic levels in Missouri, Illinois and Iowa.

As an Illinois tree service, we've become very accustomed to dealing with Pine Wilt Disease. Please check back tomorrow for more information on this very common tree disease.

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