Saturday, October 6, 2012

How to repair a below ground construction injury

Construction injuries to trees are a common occurrence.  Quick attention and repair are your best bets to getting those trees back to optimum health.

When repairing a construction injury to a tree that is below ground you should:

• Re-establish the grade – if dirt has been piled up in the root zone during the construction process, return the grade to the original level. Water the tree as needed.

• Prune the roots – if roots have been severed, cut them cleanly with a hand saw. Make sure the tree doesn't have any stability issues as a result of cutting large roots.

• Vertical Mulching – for a severely impacted tree, you may want to install a vertical mulching system. Drill 2 in diameter holes 12 inches deep in the ground on a grid pattern within the tree's dripline. Backfill with pea gravel and then use these holes to apply water and fertilizer directly to the root zone.

If this sounds like something your don't want to tackle, then your local tree service can step in and take care of your tree for you.  Any professional tree service will know how to handle your ailing tree.  Ask for a certified arborist to come visit your property when you call the tree service.  A good one will have a certified arborist on staff to help with these types of situations.  Here at Trees "R" Us, Inc., we have 4 on staff to tend to our customers needs such as this.  If you are local to the Chicagoland area, contact Trees "R" Us, Inc. for your tree care needs.

Trees "R" Us, Inc. offers plant health care as well as a highly knowledgeable staff that includes 4 certified arborists.  When you choose Trees "R" Us, Inc. you can rest assured that you've made the right choice for your tree care, tree maintenance, and plant health care needs.  Trees "R" Us, Inc. services the North Shore and the Northwest suburbs of Chicago.  You can contact Trees "R" Us, Inc. via the web at or by phone at 847-913-9069.

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