Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Box Elder Bugs are Everywhere!

Box Elder bugs can cause more aggravation than any other pest!

Recently, we experienced a box elder bug hatch. Boxelder bugs, sometimes called maple bugs, are medium size insects about 1/2" long, dark grey with red markings on their back. These otherwise harmless insects can become an extreme nuisance because of their tendency to congregate in large numbers on houses in the fall. If the congregating bugs gain entry to walls or attics they can become a problem all winter as they find their way into living spaces.

There is only one generation of these insects per year. Eggs are laid on maple leaves(the tree called boxelder, or box elder, is a type of maple tree) in early summer and young boxelder bugs develop there throughout the summer, without harming the trees. Young bugs resemble adults except they are more red in color and lack wings.

In the fall adult bugs leave the maple trees in search of protected places to spend winter months. Large numbers may congregate on trees, and nearby houses, and cause a great deal of concern from affected homeowners. In spring the adults fly off to find maple trees on which to lay eggs to begin the cycle all over again. Eggs are not laid on houses, inside or out

Boxelder bugs invade homes in the fall seeking shelter for the winter. They cause no damage but bugs that get into wall voids and attics may eventually enter into the living space. The key to combating this invasion is to prevent access to overwintering sites in the fall.

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